The F’s of My Fourth of July

So, July 4th was kind of a blast. And it was all in F‘s, just like the Fourth!

Mark and I hosted a party, which was co-hosted by our lovely friend Robyn, at our apartment.

It was about as all-American as you can get. Grilling, football, frisbee, burgers, hot dogs, beer and fireworks were all included. Oh, and a baby and a dog. I mean, come on. Perfect.

We held the party mainly in our garage, which was actually a lot more successful than I thought it would be. The garage opened on one end into sunshine and an area for everyone to play games, and on the other end there was a door into the air conditioned apartment and kitchen. It made me think that we can definitely have more parties.

I have about a thousand pictures here, so I’m just going to break them into categories. Enjoy!

The Food

Mark and I provided a veggie & hummus platter, a cheese & cracker plate, fruit salad and watermelon, along with drinks (below). Everyone else brought tons of stuff — meat & veggies to grill, chips, dips, more watermelon, desserts, salads, etc, etc, etc! Lots of individual things went unpictured, but I’ll show you what I’ve got.

(Yes, we used our washer and dryer as tables. What,  you don’t do that?)

That’s not even half of it. I just didn’t capture a lot.

Oh, and can we please take a second for how completely packed our fridge was?

Again, that’s now even all of it! Sheesh.

Big thanks to Eric for being our grill-master again. He’s also the guy that made the pies! And a big thanks to Robyn for providing the grill!

The Firewater

(Okay, that was forced — but it was the only one! Alternative title: The Fruity Drinks.)

Aside from about ten different kinds of beer, there was Sangria! Both red & white varieties, courtesy of moi.

The Friends

Me & Mark:

Are we festive, or what?

Mark with our very first guest, Brian:

Mark (again!) with Becky (who was an actress in my thesis film in grad school!):

Mark is such a photo-hog.

Laura, Chris, Jen and Charlie (the dog!):

Jen, me and Laura:

I love that almost everyone dressed up in red, white & blue.

Me & Laura:

Laura, Chris, Jen and Matt:

(Man, Laura’s a photo-hog, too!)

Mark & Laura (photo-hogs unite!):

Josh & Dan (finally, some new people):

Me, Becky & Brian (all people who worked on my thesis film!):

Matt, Jen and Charlie (This was the closest I could get to a good family picture. Charlie likes to move.)

And finally, Marc, me and Josh:

There were a bunch of other people, but I stopped taking constant pictures at one point. Here’s an almost-complete group shot:

That’s Eric, Laura, Robyn, Briana, Jen, Matt (in the dark), Josh, Dan, Jenny, and Marc.

Missing: Lindsey, Eric (different Eric), baby Boston, Becky, Brian, Mark and me. I think that’s it. Oh well, you’ll see almost everyone in other pictures.

The Fun — Football, Frisbee, Flipcup & Fireworks


(What? They’re totally playing football. See?)

(Looks like Robyn won.)



Okay, so… No pictures of that, and it’s not because I’m a sore loser about not winning.

It’s not that at all.

And there were, of course, Fireworks!

Pretty perfect Fourth, don’t you think? 🙂

What did you do for Independence Day?



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6 responses to “The F’s of My Fourth of July

  1. Mark

    fun fun fun fun. you know what it is!

  2. I love your top, Kaitlin!! Looks like a great party! Man, I just realized I missed out on watermelon on the 4th of july!! I’ll have to get some this week. Yum!

  3. FUN!

    Look, another “F”!! woot-woot!

    Hey I think I may or may not have some photos of us playing flipcup together…..if my memory serves me correctly we’re making “CT” symbols with our hands =)

  4. ah, what fun! you and mark are so patriotic with your clothes!

  5. You guys look so cute! I love the patriotic theme

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