Swimming: My Inner Monologue

So, this morning, I sat myself down for a little talk.

That’s a total lie, actually. I mean, I did give myself a little talking-to, but there was no sitting involved. I was swimming.  Really, swimming actually makes for some wonderful thinking time. Something about the rhythmic movement, I think (TWSS?). If you haven’t already, you should try it sometime. The swimming, I mean. And the thinking.


The chat kind of went like this:

“Hey, dummy.”

“Yea?” (Darn, I hate when I answer to that!)

“Stop being an idiot.”

That was pretty much the conversation. See, I’ve realized that I can sometimes be an all-or-nothing type of person, which is really, really dumb. Too often, I stick to healthy habits 100% or I kind of let myself go. As in, “Well, I’ve already had one gin & tonic, so I might as well have two more and some french fries, too, right?”




Or, “I’m making cookies for a friend’s birthday, so I need to test both the dough (four or five times, to be sure) and a baked cookie (both right out of the oven and, you know, room temperature, since they’ll be served that way), right?”


Again, wrong.

In case the specific nature of the above examples didn’t make it clear, both of those things happened this week.

So, this morning, during my little chat with myself, I reminded myself that neither extreme is healthy. It’s not healthy to never let loose, but it’s also not healthy to completely let go. That’s not to say that I’m not allowed to have three drinks and french fries one night, or that I can’t taste-test dough. It’s just that I can’t make habits of these things and let one day become two and two days become a week.

You know what I mean?

Anyway, I’m going out for drinks tonight and I will have one beer and leave it at that. I think that’s reasonable. I mean, it’s a week night, after all, and I’m going to the gym tomorrow.

Let’s see, what else did I think about in the pool? Well, because I was thinking about healthy habits, I also started thinking about how great that guest post was yesterday.

Didn’t that make you wish Ryan had a blog of his own? (Hint hint, Ryan.)

I thought about other things in the pool, too. For instance, when I realized the guy in my lane was wearing a necklace in the pool (who does that?), I naturally (naturally!) started thinking about Harry Potter.


I’ll purposefully keep this vague for those of you who have yet to experience the magic of Harry Potter (books first, please!). If you’re confused (you Muggle, you), I was (of course) thinking about that part in Deathly Hallows where Harry has to dive into the pond (with the necklace on). And then, from there, I decided to try to name all of the other swimming/ water scenes in the books. I came up with the lake scene in Goblet of Fire, the bath scene in Goblet of Fire, and jumping from the Dragon in Deathly Hallows. (What did I miss? Amanda?) Anyway, that’s all I thought of before I (naturally, again) started thinking about how hot the kid who plays Neville has suddenly become.


Hello, Matt Lewis.

So then, you know, I was on that for a while.

Eventually, my mind wandered to other things, like how I signed up for Pinterest a while ago and then never really looked at it.

Well, THAT changed today. Oh boy, did it.

Guys. Help. I think I have a Pinterest problem. But come be my friend on it! I love new ideas and I’ll probably stalk your pins the way I stalked my friend Claire‘s.

Rehab Day 35 (Tuesday)

50 minutes elliptical (on random, level 5)

Rehab Day 36 (Wednesday)

Accidental Rest Day. I say “accidental” because I didn’t mean to have three gin & tonics and stay up until midnight on Tuesday…

Rehab Day 37 (Thursday)

Swimming (duh): 35 laps

When do you have your best “thinking” time? Running? Right before you fall asleep? In the shower? I’m curious.


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7 responses to “Swimming: My Inner Monologue

  1. I have a pinterest too!!!
    Isn’t the best thing in the world? My favorite place to pin stuff is the travel board and then I post about places I want to visit.

    And my, has Neville grown up.

  2. baggedemotions

    Really interesting blog! Check out mines and let me know what you think. I’ll take all the advice I can get 🙂

  3. best thinking is when i’m running and when i’m driving for hours all over the desert. i have a LOT of time to myself these days…

    and omg. i love that idea of the flowers in jars! i want that at my wedding!!!!

  4. oh god Neville. I wish I was younger.

  5. i totally know what you mean. sometimes i adopt the all-or-nothing mind set too. it’s a tough cycle to break out of. i find that if i focus on asking myself “am i really hungry?” it helps me to get out of my crazy head and make the right decision for my body.

    cute blog!

  6. Ok, where do I even begin….I just want to be at coffee with you right now, but since I can’t, here goes:
    1. I feel your pain about the all or nothing thought process – I stayed candy strong for months and refused to let any in my life…and then this afternoon happened, booooo!

    2. Necklace, Harry Potter? Does it make me uber geeky that I first thought of Elijah Wood from Lord of the Rings?

    3. And why helllooooo Neville. Where did all that sexy come from? And how do you feel about pregnant ladies?

    4. Um, Pintrest, where have I been? Subcomment – I want to recreate the doors as a headboard idea. Subcomment 2 – how do you read that site? What do you start and stop?

    5. I think best when working out or driving.


  7. I love this post. I love it so much that when I first read it, it was from my phone at work and I actually read the part about HP out loud to my cube mate who is a huge HP fan.

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