The Great Fundraising Act

Hey guys!

Really important post today — It’s AUCTION DAY!

Janetha, basically the coolest person I’ve ever met, is holding a HUGE auction to raise money for her friend and fellow blogger Susan from The Great Balancing Act. Susan has recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and will have some pretty huge medical bills to pay.

So, because we have one of the best communities out there on the World Wide Web, we’re pitching in and asking you to help us out.

I, for one, am auctioning off my butterball cookies.

They’re worth it. I promise.

Bidding for all entries staggers throughout the day, but bidding for my cookies ends at 7:30pm EST today.

Please bid on something, whether my cookies or something else. It’s for SUCH A GOOD CAUSE.

Thanks, guys. Can’t wait to check in tomorrow!



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4 responses to “The Great Fundraising Act

  1. Kelly

    Kaitlin, Put in two bids for your cookies 🙂

    Kelly (CC)

  2. Butterball makes me think of butterbeer. Therefore, I LOVE it!

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