A 30th Birthday Celebration

No, not mine. And if any of you thought for a moment that I was 30, I sort of hate you. Well, not really. I could never hate my readers. But… I wouldn’t be very happy with you.

This weekend, my friend Josh celebrated his 30th birthday, which was put together by our friend Robyn. She was amazing — she pulled so many Josh-centric items together to create a truly Josh-themed party.

Before I get to the party, though, let me tell you about what led up to it! During the day on Saturday, Robyn and I put together a few of the elements.

First, we made Caramel Apple Cake (two of them, actually) — one of the most complicated things I have ever made in my life! There were so many steps and parts to it.

Chopping apples… making the caramel topping…

Making the batter, which came together in three different parts (but smelled SO GOOD in the oven)…

… Even if we did forget to turn on the oven for the first half of the cooking time. Whoops.

Unfortunately, I sort of failed as a food blogger and never took any pictures of the finished cakes other than these pictures in the dark bar.

Fortunately, The Food Network took care of that for me.


Obviously, ours looked exactly like that. 😉

And that wasn’t all! Robyn also had the genius idea of making “ginger” mustaches  for people to pose with at the party.

This involved melting candy melts and carefully filling the mustache molds Robyn had ordered.

Though we ran into a little trouble with the size of the sticks (TWSS) and the resulting breakage (it’s totally a word) of more than a few of them (we figured it out eventually), they were a rousing success. Check it out!

And the fun doesn’t stop there.

For the party, Robyn rented out a section of a cool new bar in Hollywood called the Next Door Lounge, which meant we had waitresses and a whole section with seating and snacks just for us. Oh, and not only that, but Robyn asked them to make us a signature drink in theme. So, we got the “Carrot Top,” which involved rum, pinapple juice, orange juice, and other things I can’t remember.

Last but not least, Robyn ordered a life-sized cut-out and put Josh’s face on it.

Yes, really. Naturally, everyone had a lot of (often inappropriate) fun with that.

Please note that I kept it classy.

Anyway, it was a pretty fantastic party, thrown by someone pretty fantastic and thrown for someone pretty fantastic.




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9 responses to “A 30th Birthday Celebration

  1. It was a marvelous party. Major props to Kaitlin and Robyn, thank you, ladies. 🙂

  2. Is it weird that I am semi-excited to throw a big party for my 30th? I mean it’s SO far away but still. I’m excited for it.

    Your top is soooo cute on you. You look fantastic, my friend 🙂

  3. haha, what a fun party! i love the life size poster cut out!! too funny!

  4. Laura @Backstage Pass

    Looks like a blast! The cakes look delicious, the mustaches are an awesome idea and I can’t even express how hilarious the life-size cutout truly is.
    And there’s nothing wrong with being 30, miss! Some people are closer to 30 than you are…. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, girl.

  5. That is an awesome party!

  6. *sigh* Why does every picture make me look gigantic?

    Great party, Kaitlin.

  7. Cute dress!!! Love the mustaches!!! You guys are so creative!

  8. Mark

    Hmmm…. I might have to have Robyn help me when I plan your birthday party this year.

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