Maroon 5, Train & Gavin DeGraw

This past Monday, I went to the Hollywood Bowl again.

This time, I was going to see two of my favorite bands and a musician I like quite a bit — Maroon 5, Train and Gavin DeGraw.

I knew this would be a real treat, but I don’t think I knew just how much of a treat it would be. These guys all put on incredible concerts. And it was long! It started at 7pm (though I was about 20 minutes late) and didn’t end until after 11pm. There were hardly any breaks between the acts, too. It was actually pretty seamless.

I went with a mixed group of friends — both people from work and other bloggers (specifically, Katherine and Kelley again!). Katherine, Chris and I went separately (Chris and I were running late at work and Katherine was kind enough to drive us there).

Since we were late (Hollywood traffic at rush hour is no fun), we missed most of Gavin DeGraw, but we made up for it by getting beers (well, I didn’t, but they did) and acting super cool on our trek up to our seats.

You know how we do.

Once we got to our seats…

…We met up with Jodi, Vanessa and Rachel on one side…

… and Kelley and Irving on the other!

(Isn’t Kelley WAY TAN?!)

We caught the tail end of Gavin DeGraw, but we only heard two songs.

Fortunately, one of them was the one Katherine and I most wanted to hear — “I Don’t Want To Be.”

Chris, not so into the music of the night, made lots of jokes.

Between acts, I broke out my go-to dinner for the Hollywood Bowl — that same salad goat cheese & red pepper salad from TJ’s!

So good.

Soon, it got dark and TRAIN came on!

I was so excited to see them. I love all of their music (not just the singles — I own every album!), but I most NEEDED to hear “Meet Virginia,” which is one of my favorite songs of all time. Happily, they delivered. 🙂

They also sang a big crowd favorite, of course — “Hey, Soul Sister.” (Terrible quality, sorry).

And that’s Katherine you can hear singing, by the way. Actually, you can hear Katherine singing in just about all of the videos.

Train sang all of the big hits and a few other songs. I was thrilled.

Next up… the main event! MAROON 5! I also own all of their albums and may or may not know all of the words to just about every single song.

I cannot even tell you how amazing they were. Adam Levine is one sexy, sexy man.

They played all of their hits, which was fantastic. I taped most of them, but I’ll only share the two best quality and the two with surprise GUEST appearances!

“Makes Me Wonder”


“Man in the Mirror” with JAVIER COLON from The Voice!

I was sort of obsessed with The Voice, so this was really cool. I had a huge hunch that it was going to happen, but I still kind of lost my shit got excited when he came out.

And finally… “Leather and Lace” with STEVIE NICKS!

That was really exciting. What a cool surprise!

I lead a pretty great life.

Who have been some of the best bands/ musicians you’ve seen in concert? I’m going to have to say Hanson is my all-time best live experience (they’re so amazing live), but Train and Maroon 5 are up there too. I also saw Savage Garden live years and years ago and remember being impressed with how great they were live. Random!

Now you!



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14 responses to “Maroon 5, Train & Gavin DeGraw

  1. Love this blog update! Great night and I cannot wait to watch the videos and hear my amazing musical talents. 🙂

    also, I own the first savage garden cd and have been listening to it for the past two days. Soulmate status.

  2. I’m guessing you won’t like my crazy favorite bands. Tori Amos, Something Corporate, Tori Amos, Brand New and Bright Eyes are all tied for my favorites live. They are incredible!

    Glad you had a good time! Please see “Friends with Benefits.” I will explain later.

  3. Your mother, again

    OMG – enough about Hanson already. I’ll never forget the concert of theirs that I took you to while wearing heavy duty earplugs. And that was just to drown out your screams!

    I just saw Adele – she was great – but if I’m really going to date myself I’d have to say Billy Joel, The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Queen, Santana, The Police, Sting, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, The Beach Boys, Earth, Wind & Fire, Led Zeppelin, Yes, The Who, Traffic and Coldplay were pretty darn good.

  4. Mark

    aerosmith and the pierces and anna nalick!

  5. Yes, your mom is awesome. Even I’ve never seen Coldplay live!

    It was so fun seeing you guys! What a great show. And I’m not tan, I’m burnt from my vacation and I’m not proud of it. Wear Sunscreen, kids!

    My favorite band to see live is Green Day. Hands Down. When I saw them last year they placed a FOUR HOUR set! No joke. It was awesome.

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  7. That looks like so much fun! I’m having my first Bowl experience in October to see Robyn! It’s gonna be a gay ol’ time 🙂 Have you been to the Greek? It’s pretty cool, I’d recommend it!

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