One on One Training with Jackie & A Morning Walk

So, lately, I’ve been feeling like mixing up my strength routine. That, paired with the fact that those two bootcamp ventures last week resulted in re-inflaming my knee (ugh), led me to purchase a new strength training DVD. Lots of research, including blogger reviews and Amazon comments, helped me narrow my choice down to One on One Training with Jackie.

To be clear, nobody asked me to write this post, nobody sent me anything, and nobody who could profit from this post knows I’m writing it. I just thought I’d review a workout that I know is accessible to all of you.

While I imagine the DVD would get really boring and repetitive after just a few times through it, I do think it’s pretty effective. One thing I particularly like about this DVD (and one of the main reasons I bought it) is that you can customize your workout. There are three 20-minute sessions:

  1. Upper Body
  2. Lower Body
  3. Core/ Abs

You can do one, two, or three of them, and you choose which ones you want at the beginning, so they just flow into each other.

This really appeals to me because I sometimes want to work out just certain parts of my body. Right now, for instance, since my knee is bugging me again, I wanted to avoid lower body work. So, this morning, I just chose Upper Body and Core/ Abs.

I think the ability to mix and match would also be great for time-crunched people. If you only had 20 minutes to work out each day, you could do one at a time! Or you could do one in the morning and one at night. Or, if you had the time and wanted to really work one part of your body, you could do one of the 20 minute sessions twice (since there’s no repetition within the workouts) and make it more of a focused circuit. You get the point.

As for the actual workouts… like I said, they’re effective. Each exercise is a minute long and the workouts flow quickly and seamlessly. There’s no downtime, which is good for someone like me who doesn’t like to waste workout time. The workouts break down into a few sets of strength exercises followed by one set of cardio, four times over (with a different set of exercises each time — like I said, no repetition).

While my arms are pretty strong and I made it through the Upper Body section without breaking much of a sweat (I don’t often break a sweat when I’m doing primarily strength training), the Core/ Abs section kicked my butt and I certainly broke one then.

A big note, if you’re thinking about getting this DVD: the style is more about a lot of quick reps, as opposed to a small number of slow reps. So, I think my current 10-lb set of weights might be too much for this DVD.

I’ll probably have to invest in sets of 6- and 8-lb weights if I want to do the DVD justice next time.

All in all, I’d give the DVD a 7/10. It’s a good DVD and it gives you a good workout, but I think I’d tire of it quickly if I used it often. It’s a perfect strength training DVD to do once in a while — like, if your class gets cancelled or you don’t feel like making the trek to the gym one day.

Anyway, after I did both Upper Body and Core/ Abs, I also wanted to get my blood moving with a little more cardio. I can’t do anything high impact right now, so I roped Mark into going on an early morning walk to Starbucks with me.

We’re really cute in the morning, right? …

The walk ended up being about 40 minutes, so I was active (I hesitate to call a walk a “workout”) for 1 hr 20 minutes this morning. Not too shabby!

And all of this before 7:45am. Nice.

I haven’t done my rehab updates in a week!

Rehab Days 39 & 40 (Sat & Sun)

Rest Days — On Saturday, I ran out of time. On Sunday, I just needed it.

Rehab Day 41 (Monday)

50 minutes elliptical (random, level 5)

Rehab Day 42 (Tuesday)

Rest Day — I didn’t get back from the concert until almost 1am!

Rehab Day 43 (Wednesday)

Swimming: 35 laps in 35 minutes

Rehab Day 44 (Thursday)

Yoga, 1 hr — Mark focused on opening my hips (good lord, that sounds dirty) because he thought it would help both my knees and my sciatica. He was right, especially about the sciatica. We’re going to keep working on that.

Rehab Day 45 (Friday)

One on One Training with Jackie DVD – 20 min Upper Body, 20 min Core/ Abs

40 min walk (including the stop at Starbucks) — almost 2 miles

One thing this morning showed me is how good walks feel for my knee — it really loosens everything up. I’m going to try to get more walking in!

What are your favorite workout DVDs?



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10 responses to “One on One Training with Jackie & A Morning Walk

  1. Claire Deeley

    I totally dig work-out dvds. That’s how I lost 60 lbs. About 2 years ago I impulse-bought a really easy work-out dvd while waiting in line at TJ-Maxx (they line the lines with little items like that on purpose…), and decided to give it a shot the next morning before work. I’ve been working out every morning ever since and have a collection of about 20+ dvds. I rotate my favorites every morning depending on my mood and what I feel I need for the day. A bunch of them have the mix and match feature. You might like the “10 minute” series for that. All of them have 5 10-minute sections to mix and match. Lemme know if you want any recommendations!

    • Okay, firstly, that is one of the coolest weight loss stories I’ve ever heard. You just decided to buy something on a whim and it changed your life! That is amazing. Secondly, I would love some recommendations! I especially love the idea of this “10 minute” series. Who makes that?

  2. Question: When is Mark planning on opening up my hips?

    Andy and I love Jackie Warner. We have one of her DVDS (not the one on one) and love it. It’s been great. If you ever want to borrow it, let me know. I use her moves all the time since I’ve memorized a lot of them by now.

  3. Can we talk about something completely unrelated to the actual content of your post? Your blog preview came up in my bloglovin feed….IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. I’m not kidding. I seriously thought you’d typed this post in German or something. Obviously I took a screenshot. Tweeting you asap!

  4. “Mark focused on opening my hips” Bahahahahaha! Yeah, I bet that was fun. wink::wink. Ok, I know I’m stupid staying that…

    Anyhow…I thought about buying one of those DVDs and glad you gave a review of it. are you going to try p90x again? I’m just starting it up again…and let just say I couldn’t walk for three days after the legs and back with 3lb weights. Yikes.

  5. Wow what time do you wake up? I’m impressed. Congrats! You just might have motivated me to lift some weights this evening!

  6. “Mark worked on opening up my hips” -> amazing.

  7. Mark

    and afterwards we popped her pelvis. it was quite a day!

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