Arms, Back & Abs Strength Circuit

It’s been a really crazy day for me today. Actually, it’s been a really crazy week. I kind of can’t believe how many big life changes are taking place — and so unexpectedly, too! Anyway, my point is that it’s 1pm and I thought it was 11am and I didn’t even think about what I was going to post today until this second.

Fortunately, I did an arms, back and abs circuit (with just a little legs thrown in) this morning and I realized that when I write about doing those, I never say exactly what I’m doing. This seems sort of silly to me. I mean, for all you know, I might just be sitting there flipping the pages of my most recent book.

So, I figured I’d show you a sample workout using the one I did this morning.

(It really is funny how often I return to that picture since I look so terrible in it.)

Oh, and you should really know this by now, but I’m not a fitness professional in any sense, so, you know, check with a doctor/ professional before you start a new fitness routine. 

For your reference, I use these 10-lb weights for all of the exercises (unless otherwise noted):


Arms & Abs Strength Circuit

(to be done three times without rest in between exercises or circuits)

bicep curls x 20

shoulder presses x 20

overhead triceps extensions x 20

triceps kickbacks x 20

reverse flies x 20

upright rows x 20 (using 7.5 lb weights)

lateral raises x 20 (using 7.5 lb weights)

front raises x 20 (using 7.5 lb weights)

squats x 20

dead lifts x 20

chest presses x 20

chest flies x 20

pushups x 20 (but I totally cheat)

crunches x 20

butterfly crunches x 20

vertical leg crunches x 20

bicycle crunches x 20

plank for 45-60 seconds x 2

Repeat the entire circuit twice more!

This takes me about 45 minutes if I do it all without stopping.

My favorites here, hands down, are bicep curls and dead lifts. My least favorite? PLANKS! Hate ’em. Hate ’em, hate ’em, hate ’em. (But I do ’em because my Physical Therapist told me I have to.)

What are your favorite and least favorite arm/ back/ abs exercises?



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5 responses to “Arms, Back & Abs Strength Circuit

  1. lauren

    I LOVE PLANKS. I hate, hate, hate, hate lunges and squats. That’s when the cheating comes in for me. I’m going to print this out… I always end up doing things in random order and usually forget moves. This will be a great kick start to my new workout routine as soon as I’m healed enough to lift weights. Thanks, Friend!!

  2. I love deadlifts too! I hate squats because they really bother my knees. Planks are okay by me but I need to improve in that department!

  3. OH, that sounds like a great circuit! I need to try it for my next ST day! And as far as favorites, I love doing leg lifts while laying on my back with chest presses or flies. works EVERYTHING.

  4. Oh, I use to love planks – we can do some Skype plank dates after Baby K’s birth to help you enjoy them a bit. 😉

    Battle ropes are my all time favorite exercise and they engage so many muscle groups.

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