Blog Pimp

I wonder how many weird hits that post title will bring.

Anyway! I don’t have a guest post for you this week, but that kind of works out because I want to direct you guys to a few other blogs today.

You see, this summer, no fewer than FOUR of my friends started blogs. And, since they’re all kind of awesome (both the blogs and the people), I want to send you wonderful people to check all of them out.

Blog #1: Cook to Live to Eat by my friend Sarah.

Sarah is a friend from home. I met her in high school, when we were both awkward and figuring ourselves out (okay, fine, only I was awkward). I think our friendship history is kind of cool because, while we weren’t particularly close in high school and lost touch somewhat in college, we have become really good friends after reconnecting in the past few years and she is now one of my best friends “from high school.”

She is also one of the coolest friends I have. She is always doing interesting things, taking chances, and finding ways to improve her life. The blog was actually born from one of these chance-taking endeavors. She quit her cool PR gig and decided to follow her passion for cooking by going to culinary school in NYC. She started her blog so she could write about her adventures while working her way through culinary school! Sound like anyone else you know? Just watch. Sarah will be a huge blogger in no time.

Oh, and she also makes interesting meals that would entirely intimidate me. Like this one.

Amazing, right?

Blog #2: Chris Ables… by my friend… well, Chris Ables.

Totally different kind of blog. You see, Chris isn’t all that interested in food (I mean, other than eating it, I suppose). Instead, this is an art blog. Chris is an unbelievably talented artist and he makes commissioned art.

He is also a huge fellow Harry Potter nerd fan and makes amazing Harry Potter art (amongst a thousand other things). These three are based on his ideas of what Ron, Harry and Hermione look like from the book descriptions, not the actors who portrayed them.

I only posted small images here — check out his blog and etsy store to see them in better detail!

Time for another food blog? Great!

Blog #3: Two Cooks in the Kitchen by my friend Amanda and her boyfriend Zach.

I’ve actually never met Zach (one of those sad consequences of living across the country from where I grew up and went to school), but Amanda is one of my close friends from college and she is one of the kindest, funniest people I know.

I find this blog really interesting because it encompasses something that I bet happens in a fair amount of couples these days — what happens if one half of a couple is a vegetarian and the other half is a meat-lover? I’ve actually heard friends choosing not to date someone because they were a vegetarian or a meat-eater and the other person wasn’t and they were afraid it’d be too difficult. Well, Amanda and Zach have made it work! They still cook together and figure out how to make meals that please both of their taste buds and both of their nutrition needs. Like this Kimchi/Steak Fried Rice:

I think this is a great and unique concept and I’m hoping to “get to know” Zach through the blog since it’s so hard for me to meet him in person!

And finally….

Blog #4: My Freaking. Awesome. Life by my friend Mac.

Mac and I met in grad school, when I was a grad student and he was an undergrad. We didn’t work together all that much or know each other all that well — in fact, we only worked on one film together! — but I always enjoyed running into him because he was constantly making me laugh.

Anyway, we definitely fell out of touch in the past few years, but Mac found my blog and then I found his blog and the rest is history. His blog is hilarious — I think I’d actually qualify it as a humor blog — and it breaks up my day whenever he posts. Definitely check it out if you need a little snark in your day.

Oh, and Mac will actually be guest posting here within the next few weeks, so you get to look forward to that!

What do you guys think? Any new additions to your Google Reader? 🙂



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5 responses to “Blog Pimp

  1. Yeah you are, Kaitlin!

  2. it’s hard out here for a pimp, when you’re trying to make the money for the rent.

    Great blog title! HA

  3. Mac

    Woohoo! Appreciate the shout-out! I’ll get on that guest post for ya pronto.

  4. Hi Kaitlin! Thanks for the shout out — I do hope to meet you some day!! 😀

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