Upon arriving home, I jumped right in. (Does that work well with the title, or what? Total coincidence, too, since I’m about to write about a restaurant called Splash.)

My flight was delayed, so I got in around 6:45am (I was supposed to get in at 5:30), at which time my admirable mother picked me up. We got breakfast, we went home, I gave my dad a big hug, and then I promptly took a two hour nap. I usually tough the jetlag out, but I had a big day ahead of me.

After I napped, I took a shower (sorely needed) and then my mom and I were off to pick my best friend, Will, up from the train station! We spent the afternoon catching up by the pool and then it was time to go out to dinner with my family to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

We went to a fancy-schmancy restaurant on the Sound, Splash.

We really enjoyed being in the sun and then watching the sun set over the water.

The idea behind the restaurant’s serving method is awesome — everything is served family-style, so everything is meant to be shared. Amongst the five of us, we got four appetizers, four entrees, and… oh, ten drinks? It was MORE than enough, but that doesn’t meant we didn’t do our very best in finishing it.


I only captured mine, but I got a coconut martini…

And a blueberry mojito…


So, like I said, we got four to split amongst the five of us. These were our options:

We got the Firecracker Spring Rolls…

The Thai Style Lettuce Wraps (my second favorite)…

The Blue Lump Crab Cakes…

And the Crispy Beef Tip Skewers (my favorite — which totally surprised me!)…


Again, we got four to split amongst the five of us. These were our choices:

We chose the Macadamia Crusted Swordfish (my second favorite)…

The Sea Bass Baked in a Banana Leaf…

The 5 Spiced Grilled Chicken…

And the “Shanghai Style” Filet Mignon (again, my favorite — so weird!)…

My (super packed) plate full of tastes:

Everything was absolutely delicious, but obviously the meat dishes were my favorite in each of the courses. I was surprised because my second least favorite appetizer was the one I’d chosen (the crab cakes) and my least favorite entree was also the one I’d chosen (the sea bass). Maybe I should let other people order for me from now on?

After dinner, we took a bunch of pictures by the water so we could capture the magic of the evening.

We also didn’t let it stop there — we were feeling pretty good from the cocktails and decided that we needed to keep the fun going. We headed to a mini-golf course (and may or may not have picked up a six-pack on the way…) and had a lot of fun being “that family” during the game.

No regrets. We all had a blast. It was a perfect first night home.



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7 responses to “Splash

  1. Swoon at all that food esp the filet! Not surprisingly, it’s my favorite. And now I really want a blackberry mojito (who cares that its noon and I have two classes this afternoon). Ha. Looks like you’re having an awesome trip!

  2. Holy smokes, that restaurant looks incredible!!! I’m drooling over the coconut martini!!!

  3. How fun! Look and sounds like a relaxing trip already!

  4. Oh boy, that’s an awesome dinner!!! What a great choice of eats!

  5. Mark

    Haha next to your brother you all look like smurfs!

  6. You look amazing, by the way. Love the dress! There’s nothing like being home. Enjoy it!

  7. Jennifer

    I hope your family got through the storm without a problem this weekend and that it didn’t mess up your travel plans!

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