Hiking Endorphins

Sometimes, when things get overwhelming, all I want to do is hole up in my room and spend a little time with myself. I spent all weekend doing a thousand things, including that birthday party on the boat on Saturday and another party thrown by my friend Meredith (of Oscars Party KWH fame!) on Sunday. So, on Monday, I… well, I needed a break. I think I wanted to feel sorry for myself. Not because of the parties, but just because change overwhelms me sometimes and I’m experiencing a lot of life changes.

But, um, that’s stupid. Pouting, that is. And all I was going to do was lie in my bed and eat Saltines (such a weird habit) while watching How I Met Your Mother. And I still did that (later), but first, my friend Chris told me to take a hike.

No, literally.

I’m so glad I did. Endorphins are way better for your mood than pouting is.

We hiked up to the Hollywood sign, which was awesome because I’ve never done that before!

When we got there, we found these two homemade signs pointing us in the right direction. I actually found this really funny. After all, you have to go up this curving residential street to get to this not-at-all secret path!

We did, by the way, find the horses anyway.

The boys I hiked with:

That’s Jason and Chris. Wonderful hiking buddies.

One crazy thing about this hike is that there are basically no fences. Seriously, you could fall off and die at any point. And it certainly doesn’t help that this is just about the only “warning:”


So there’s a pretty steep part to start with, and then you get to about here:

After that, it’s just kind of a gradual uphill. However, it was still exhausting because we were hiking at noon in about 95 degree heat. Whoops. Fortunately, we brought a few bottles of water with us and took advantage of the few shady areas.

This is about how far away you are (at the side) from the sign about halfway through the hike:

We also got to look down over downtown LA, which is always nice.

This is as close as we got to the sign at the end:

We were (mostly) stopped by these signs:

I say “mostly” because it didn’t entirely stop Chris, who hiked up a teensy bit more (though technically not past the sign).

He eventually crawled climbed down.

I was a goody-two-shoes and stayed in front of the signs.

It’s cool. My camera has zoom.

So this is as far as we were when we started…

And this is as close as we my camera got.

Pretty close, right?

Totally worth getting out of bed for. 🙂



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8 responses to “Hiking Endorphins

  1. Beautiful pictures! Hiking > pouting in bed… always.

  2. I climbed up the Hollywood sign years ago but I think I took a different trail than you….because I got closer than that…huh, interesting. Fun hike though! always good with fun company!

    Btw, meetup in October? I remember you saying that’s when you’d finally be free. Don’t bail on me woman! haha

  3. What a great hike!! Where did you start the trail?

  4. actorsdiet

    i haven’t been hiking in forever – but i’m certainly not going to be doing any this week!

  5. That’s crazy town, I didn’t even know you could get that close.
    I miss the carefree LA feeling, your post takes me back. 🙂

  6. Kaitlin!!!!

    Beautiful pictures. I’ve hiked this trail with Chrstine a few years back!!! So pretty. I love this post.

    Also, g-chat soon??? I’ve been internet MIA. Let’s catch up. I want updates.
    Also, Christine texted me and told me that she ran into you at work the other week. Too funny! Small world.

    ❤ Parvin

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