Best Day EVER!

So, I don’t know if you could tell from the subject of this post, but, um… Saturday was the BEST DAY EVER!

Why, you ask?

Well, on Saturday, I not only went to Disneyland for free, but I also saw my favorite band, Hanson.

Best day ever right?

You see, it all started with this guy.

This may sound lame, but, ever since high school, I’ve gotten very used to going to Hanson concerts by myself. In high school, I was fortunate enough to have a best friend, Molly, who also loved the band. But since then, I’ve had more trouble. See, a lot of people have this stupid misconception about Hanson and I have had a hard time convincing friends to spend money to come to concerts with me. And, well, I’d rather see my favorite band perform alone than not at all.

Anyway, happily, that has all changed now! A new friend of mine, Amy, also loves Hanson but hasn’t seen them in years. And as it turns out, she had another friend, Jodi (an even newer friend of mine now!) who also loves Hanson.

You may remember Amy from that Disneyland post a while ago. She just so happens to be that same friend who is a Disney employee. And this concert just so happened to be at Disneyland. Seriously, the stars aligned for this day.

So, yesterday afternoon, we did Disneyland. 🙂

So ticket number two came in to play for the day!

This was the first instance of ridiculous savings for the day. Since all three of us got in for free, we saved $315 dollars right there ($105 per ticket).

We went to California Adventure first.

But before we did anything else, we needed to get some lunch. We were also starving. So, we went to the Brea Bakery, where I got chicken and apple salad in a bread bowl. It was more bread than salad, but… whatever. It was delish.

That was instance number two of saving money — $6 there, so that’s now $321.

After we ate our weight in bread, it was time for rides!

We did Midway Mania (love!)…

Tower of Terror…

And the new Little Mermaid ride. Fun!

We then headed over to Disneyland…

… where we were greeted with a parade!

I love it when parades are thrown in my honor!

That’s what was happening, right? 😉

At Disneyland, we hit the three mountains: Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain — which Jodi had never been on before! We took a picture while in line for that one to commemorate the occasion.

I also took a picture of two of my favorite characters, ever.


Soon, it was time to head to dinner because, um, we had a concert to get to!

We decided not to bother with waiting on line for the concert and to instead linger over dinner and drinks. Our feet needed a break.

We were also all craving burgers. So, naturally, we hit ESPNZone.

…Where, no joke, they have TVs over each bathroom stall.

And yes, I did take a picture from the toilet. I’m classy like that.

Dinner was amazing and I cannot believe how much I consumed. I got a Pomegranate Margarita to start…


And then I devoured my cheeseburger and fries.

I’m not kidding. Check it.

What up.

Seriously, you work up an appetite standing in line for hours and walking everywhere!

Oh, and that was instance number three of saving money — $7 at dinner, bringing us to a total of $328.  We also saved four more dollars when Jodi bought some candy, so we saved $332 total — awesome, right?

Then, finally, it was time to see Hanson at the House of Blues!


First, we saw Meiko as the opening act.

She was good and I liked her music a lot, but… I think she’s better for a background CD on a long car ride than as an opening act.

We then waited almost an hour in the way too hot club until Hanson came on. We distracted ourselves by taking sweaty pictures.


And then… HANSON!

God, I love them.

Seriously — BEST DAY EVER!



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4 responses to “Best Day EVER!

  1. Glad you went and had fun!!! I haven’t seen Hanson in 4 years.

    Disneyland…my favorite place. Our season passes expired in May and we haven’t decided if it’s worth renewing. If I don’t go during Christmas, I will cry.

    Miss you

  2. haha, you are too funny! you missed out on a lunch with amanda andy and i…all for hansen. where are your priorities! haha…i kid!

  3. I’m so jealous you went to the show on Saturday!! I didn’t get tickets because I thought I was going to see them at Sunset Junction. Boooo I knew I should have gone! 🙂 I’m glad you had such a blast! Disneyland + Hanson totally = BEST DAY EVER. ❤

  4. Jodi

    SERIOUSLY BEST DAY EVER! let’s hang out again soon =)

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