A Race! But Not Mine

Money, money, money! While you’re busy posting comments to attempt to win $100 from my blog, you might also have money to spare. Get money for food, give money for fitness and health. Everything this blog is about!

Allow me to explain. My friend Claire is running a half marathon to help in the fight against AIDS. She’s a part of a team and pledged to raise $3000, and she needs a little help. I know that we all care a lot about health and fitness and we love races in our community, so I told her I’d pass the message along.

Here’s what she has to say!

“I want to help in the fight against AIDS. I also want to get in better shape. Miraculously, AIDS Project Los Angeles and Team to End AIDS have set up the perfect system to help me accomplish both goals at once! 
I trained all summer with Team to End AIDS to run the Santa Barbara Half Marathon in November AND I get you guys to donate to APLA in support of my Herculean running efforts. As simple as that, and you and I will have donated AT LEAST $3000 towards helping the LA community kick AIDS’ butt, and I will have kicked my own but while logging over 100 miles of running. 

WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING: APLA is working hard to stop the spread of HIV, specifically in the LA area. They also provide food and home health care so that people affected by HIV/AIDS can continue to live full and productive lives. Your money helps provide dental care, mental health care, education, research, and treatment management to the LA community affected by HIV/AIDS. For more info, go to APLA.org.


-Your donation is tax deductable!

-Also on my fundraising page, I’ll be keeping a short blog, in case you want to be updated on my running progress.”

Thanks, guys! And don’t forget to enter to win some money of your own!

P.S. — And this is a pretty big teaser… I may have some running of my own coming up…


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