Friday Fun, Day Five

Knowing that I was definitely going to be off my plan on Friday night, I made a really big effort to be as in line with my plan as possible throughout the day.

Do you guys do that? I definitely try to plan ahead in my healthy habits so I don’t end up feeling like I’m blowing something I worked hard for when I decide to let loose.

So, with that in mind, I ate… the exact same breakfast that I had on Thursday.

A cottage cheese bowl!

Into the mix went:

  • 1 cup 2% cottage cheese
  • strawberries
  • blackberries
  • 1/4 banana
  • ground blueberries flaxseeds
  • cinnamon

I’m really digging this lately.

I also drank roughly four cups of coffee throughout the morning. It was one of those mornings that seemed to last forever. Naturally, I felt coffee would help the day to go faster. Also, I was on basically no sleep. That’s also why I didn’t work out in the morning, by the way. Wow, it kinds of sounds like the caffeine might still be in effect.

Annnnyway! My lunch was super random but was saved by Mark. He’d made a vegetable melange by Trader Joe’s on Thursday night (with zucchini and eggplant in a red pepper tomato sauce, I think?) and hadn’t liked it, so he gave it to me. This was pretty fantastic since I was out of fresh veggies and was also kind of out of time to go shopping. So, I threw in a serving of lentils and topped all of it with parmesan (duh).

Super random, but it totally worked. And I know Mark wasn’t a fan of the vegetable mix, but I loved it.

Even if that is one of the ugliest lunches ever on KWH. Whatever. Totally hearty, filling, and full of flavor.

For snack, I had a serving of almonds. Again, no picture. I’m sure you’re not upset about it.

On my drive home, all I could think about was how I wanted eggs and veggies for dinner. In fact, I went out of my way to the supermarket so I could buy my favorite Steamfresh pack (the garden medley, if you’re curious), since it’s the best thing since sliced bread (kind of literally?) to mix with eggs (in my opinion).

So, as soon as I got home with my new veggies in tow, I threw them in the microwave and opened the fridge, ready to break out the eggs and get my favorite dinner going.

… and then there were no eggs.


I guess it was okay since he’d saved my lunch.

Anyway, fortunately, I still had extra lentils in the fridge, so once the veggies had been microwaved, I just tossed them in a pan (to brown the potatoes a little — that’s the best!) with the lentils and some more parmesan and just made a dinner out of that.

It was actually really good! So… you know, I guess I can forgive Mark. Mostly.

Anyway, that was kind of the end of my good behavior for the day. The rest of my Friday lasted until 2:00AM and looked like this:


I’m a little embarrassed. And I also have a really bad feeling Andy is never going to socialize with me again.


What’d you guys all do on Friday night?



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4 responses to “Friday Fun, Day Five

  1. Andy is shaking his head in shame. Ha! Just kidding.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, friend!

  2. tryingtoheal

    Haha…I love that you thought of Andy when it came to your beer!

    And I don’t know how you drank 4 cups of coffee throughout the morning, you must have some serious tolerance for caffeine! I cant’ even have a cup without shaking like crazy from the caffeine!

    I think your dinner sounds delicious. Do lentils hold you over really well? I feel like it’s a hit or miss with me; sometimes I’m full for hours off those things but sometimes, i’m hungry in a 1/2 hour. What kind did you use?

    • Haha I definitely do have a seriously high tolerance for caffeine. I started drinking it in high school and now drink it crazy strong because that’s how my mom drinks it. As for lentils, yes! They hold me over remarkably well – but I also usually eat about a serving and a half of them to do so. I buy the cooked ones at Trader Joe’s.

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