Sick Food

Yesterday was not a happy day.

So, here’s the deal. I intended for this to be kind of a big reveal, mostly because I had a hard time believing it was actually going to happen, but my knee surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday, October 12th.

Turns out, though, that my superstition wasn’t that far off. Why, you ask?

Well, on Tuesday,  I officially went through with my Pre-Op and decided for sure that I was getting the surgery next week.

And then, yesterday morning, I woke up with a terrible sore throat.

There wasn’t really any time to deal with that, though, because I needed to go get my blood drawn for the surgery.

Which is where this happened:

“Why two arms?” That’s what I’m imagining you’re probably asking yourself right now.

Well, I won’t go too into detail, but let’s just say that two different technicians refused to listen to me about my tiny, hard-to-find veins and decided it would be a better idea to dig around my arms with needles. I wish I was exaggerating.

Sorry, I guess I did go into detail.

Anyway, by the time I got to work, I’d already given up pints and pints of my blood, hadn’t eaten, and was dealing with a burning and aching sore throat as well as quickly dwindling energy.

It was time to replenish said depleted energy, which brings me to the point of this post: sick food.

Here’s how I’m looking at the idea of sick food right now:

  • I HAVE TO GET BETTER BEFORE NEXT WEDNESDAY. No question about it. If I’m sick, I can’t get the surgery. Point, blank.
  •  I have to treat the situation as though I’m going through with the surgery next Wednesday, so I have to follow the rules: no pain medication and no vitamins or herbs for the whole wee. This means I can’t take anything to alleviate the symptoms and I can’t take any vitamins or herbs to help. All of this means I have to get my alleviation and my vitamins through food.
  • Obviously, I need to fuel correctly.

And I need your help.

This was my breakfast:

Orange juice, orange black tea with honey, and an egg & veggie burrito.

My lunch was just a frozen Amy’s Organics.

And my dinner looked like this:

Italian Wedding soup with added garlic and parmesan and garlic bread. I hear garlic is good for the immune system and that sodium is good for the throat. This dinner was perfect, in following those guidelines.

What are your best “sick foods?” What did you grow up eating when you were sick? What tricks did your moms teach you?



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9 responses to “Sick Food

  1. Lauren

    My grandmother AND mother both swear by gargling with salt water. Works every time…

  2. Erin

    This may sound strange, but there’s a homeopathic remedy to help nip a cold in the butt before it gets out of hand that I do when I feel a cold coming on. I’d say it works 75% of the time for me. Put hydrogen peroxide in your ears and let it bubble for 5-10 minutes in each ear, a few times a day. Weird, I know. I do it for a day or two after my symptoms subside just to make sure. Although strange, it works most of the time for me and is drug-free! I know it’s not “sick food”, but it’s worth a shot! 🙂

  3. Honey lemon tea, fluids, matzoball soup, OJ and echinecha if you can get your hands on it! Plus, plenty of rest and sleep. I always scale back my working out when I get sick,

  4. Hot tea, LOTS of it! Also, this worked for me last year. It’s disgusting, but the sore throat was gone the next day. Once an hour have a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

  5. I had the same problem last time I got blood drawn. I think they wanted a challenge. My arm was bruised for over two weeks! Hope you feel better!

  6. actorsdiet

    feel better! i grew up eating chinese rice porridge whenever i was sick. you could probably get something similar in ktown (as congee)

  7. Mark

    mix honey and cinnamon in a little bowl and eat a spoonful of the mixture. It’s good for what ails you AND it’s delicious!

    I’ve also been told (although I don’t have first hand experience) that apple cider vinegar cures everything.

    I don’t now if you can handle this one, but eating a clove of raw garlic a day does wonders for the immune system. You could probably get away with eating roasted garlic instead if you cant handle the raw clove. ANd we have a garlic roaster. I can roast some for you tonight.

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