Happy Halloween, everyone!

I had a crazy weekend of celebrating Halloween. Much crazier than it should have been while I was still recovering. Not all good crazy, either. But a lot of it was good!

I started my Friday night at Halloween party #1 of the weekend. This party was thrown by Mark’s friends Marcy and Emma, whom I met that night.

Here are a couple of adorable/ scandalous pictures of Mark with his friends:

The party was lots of fun — complete with a chalkboard paint-covered coffee table.

I loved that.

I also loved Mark’s costume. He was “World Peas.”

He is so clever. He made that costume himself!

I had to leave that party early because I had another party to get to, right down the street. Little did I know just how far away I was.

Why? Oh, because my car battery had died. No big deal.

Mark jump-started it for me while I sat helplessly in my car because hobbling on crutches didn’t go well with jump-starting it myself (not to mention that I had no idea what to do). I then had to drive my car around for over an hour while, admittedly, I kind of bawled my eyes out.

It wasn’t my finest moment.

Anyway, be proud of me. I dried my eyes and still managed to make an appearance at the second party.

Ignore the fact that the makeup had sort of smeared by then.

I made it to this party partially because I wanted to see a bunch of my friends in their Flintstones costumes.

Totally cute!

I didn’t last long at that party, but that’s mostly because it had already been so, so late by the time I’d gotten there. I didn’t get home until 2:00AM, which is pretty late for this old-lady-on-the-inside.

I got in my car on Saturday afternoon to bring it to the mechanic so I could get my battery tested, only to find that my car had died AGAIN. No, I’m not kidding. By some ridiculous stroke of luck, though, it actually turned on on my sixth try and I brought it straight to the mechanic.

So, you know, that’s how my Saturday afternoon went.

Happily, I pepped up enough to go out on Saturday night. Mark and I had had big plans to hit all three of the parties to which we had been invited that night, but when reality set in, we realized that my knee could not handle parking and walking to three different parties.

So, we just chose the one where we knew the most people.

But first, we had to get ready. My costume on this night was pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. I went as Katniss from (duh) the Hunger Games.

I didn’t purposefully make that “I think I’m a model” face, FYI. I actually didn’t know Mark was taking it yet and was waiting for him to tell me he was about to. And then this ended up being the only non-blurry one. I felt the need to tell you this for the purpose of saving my dignity.


Mark made everything! He made my bow, arrows, the case for the arrows…

… and even my very own Mockingjay pin:

Is he freaking amazing, or what?

Here we are together that night:

He repeated his costume because it was too damn good not to.

Here are a few of our other friends in costume:

My bow and arrows were very popular that night.

And I was good! I stayed seated for a lot of the night.

It’s super awkward to be seated while everyone else is standing at a party, but it was worth it to save me from unnecessary pain.

On Sunday, Mark and I went to a pumpkin patch, for which Mark had purchased LivingSocial deals for both of us.

It was… well, it was a dump. See for yourself:

Not quite the way it was advertised.

Not to mention the fact that the deals Mark got were for “admission” to the pumpkin patch, when there was no actual charge to get in. Needless to say, Mark called and let LivingSocial know what was up. Fortunately, they have pretty good customer service and gave Mark his money back to spend on other LivingSocial deals.

Other that that, too, Mark and I were still able to make the most out of the experience by taking silly pictures.

It was nice to spend the weekend with Mark, who managed to make it a lot of fun despite how badly it could have gone (with my car, etc.). How many times can I thank my lucky stars for him?

What was/ is your Halloween costume? How did you celebrate this weekend/ how are you celebrating tonight?



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7 responses to “HalloWeekend

  1. Your Katniss outfit is AMAZING. Mark is brilliant and you are super hot. Glad you had such a fun weekend!

  2. Aw Kaitlin! Sorry to hear about the car troubles. I feel you.

    KAtniss! I love it. Great costume, my friend. Wear it to the midnight showing. Please.

    I didn’t dress up this year since I went to a wedding Saturday and recovered Sunday. Today I’m subbing and the kids don’t dress up so it’s a little boring this year!

  3. I love all the costumes! Your’s was DEAD ON!

  4. Ah, I love your costumes! I’m not dressing up…unless wearing my binoculars counts me as a birder. 🙂 And I’m just passing out candy tonight, no parties for this chick!

  5. actorsdiet

    the costumes are really wonderful – sorry to hear about the car though. part of our woes of living in LA…

  6. I LOVE the Katniss costume!!! So good. And the mockingjay pin!! LOVE IT!

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