Vegan: Two Days In


I thought I might give you a look at what my first two days of trying out a vegan lifestyle have looked like. I’m still loving it, of course. Yay!

I’ve cheated once, and it was ENTIRELY by accident. I guess I shouldn’t call it “cheating,” but instead “messing up.” That was in my smoothie on Tuesday. I’ll explain in a minute.

Breakfast on Monday — my very first vegan meal (well, vegan on purpose, anyway!) — was a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter.


I know, kind of lame. But I was in a rush and it was what I wanted, so… whatever. It worked.

It was not, however, enough food. I ended up being pretty hungry until lunch. Thankfully, the new kids at work had brought in a big fruit salad as a part of their hazing breakfast (which was pumpkin spice pancakes made to order — and I wasn’t even tempted! Be proud.), so I snacked on the fruit throughout the morning.


I will definitely be having a banana with nut butter for breakfast again, I just think I might also add something else.

Lunch was — as it was every day last week and will be every day this week (because surgery has kept me from really cooking) — a frozen Amy’s meal. This one was the Thai Stir-Fry, which was quite good.

20111101-211618.jpgI snack on dried mango after lunch every day now. It’s the perfect sweet end to a meal (which I feel I need, personally).


And for afternoon grazing, both days, I’ve just had small handfuls of dried edamame.



I love this snack because it’s both tasty and filling. I don’t need much and it allows me to graze (a habit I need to break, but this is a good way to do it) without being unhealthy.

For dinner, I popped open these new (to me) Sunshine Burgers.


My friend Becky introduced them to me because I’d told her on Sunday about my plans to be vegan but also about how I want to watch my soy intake. She’s allergic to soy, and she loves these, so she told me to try them out.

I did, alongside a cup of peas with a little Earth Balance and nutritional yeast.


The burgers were really good, so I’m excited to have something new on my plate (literally and figuratively!).

I’m also, by the way, watching my sodium intake. After a couple of weeks of lots of frozen food, soup, and saltines, I think I definitely had way too much sodium in my diet. That’s why you just saw my peas topped with nutritional yeast instead of salt and pepper.

Dessert was a little serving (like, less than 1/8 cup) of some vegan & raw granola that Mark buys and I steal regularly (unpictured) and a cup of double dark chocolate tea (also Mark’s).


On Tuesday, I knew I wanted a more filling breakfast than Monday’s, so I made myself a smoothie.

20111101-211635.jpgInto the mix went:

  • 3 ice cubes
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup (ish) frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop protein powder

Sooooo, here’s where I went wrong (and figured out much later): the protein powder, which I’d gotten from a bulk bin a while back (and thus had left unmarked), was WHEY! (AKA from milk). Ugh.

Oh, well. I didn’t mean to. I’ll just have to live and learn.

I also had a coffee (as I had the day before and forgot to mention) with coconut creamer, as suggested to me by Amanda (formerly of Two Boos Who Eat… RIP — to the blog, not to Amanda!! Thank God.)

I’m a big fan of the creamer and am very happy that there exists a kind not made of soy. Again, I’m trying to watch my soy intake.

Lunch was another frozen Amy’s — a Teriyaki Bowl. This was new to me and it’s now one of my favorites.


After a long day — actually, after a long MONTH — I was happy to come home and enjoy a glass of red wine with Mark.


It was needed. Trust me.

I nursed that while I made my dinner, which was a vegan take on tacos.


I had two corn tortillas, TJ’s Cuban black beans, and frozen peppers, onion and corn sauteed in EVOO. I didn’t add any salt or pepper or CHEESE (!) (that was tough). I think one thing that trying to be a vegan and watching my sodium intake will teach me, together, is that I need to learn to flavor my meals more with other herbs and spices.

So that’s my question of the day: What are your favorite flavorings/ herbs/ spices/ additions to meals to give them a bigger & better flavor profile?


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5 responses to “Vegan: Two Days In

  1. First of all, dried mango is the best thing ever. I have a serious mango problem. Instead of the sweet and juicy I buy the dried and unsweetened but so so so good either way.

    I love big flavors so I would add cumin, curry powder, and I’m getting into saffron right now too. Also, a pinch of brown sugar can work wonders on anything in my opinion šŸ™‚

  2. Pancakes would have tempted me! Go you! It does get easier to start avoiding foods after awhile. Now, I feel like the gluten-free champ. So I know you’ll be a vegan champ!

    Glad you liked the creamer. It’s so good!

    Spices: onion and garlic powder add a lot without sodium, lemon juice, and we love tj’s 21 seasoning salute.

  3. Cumin is huge in my diet, along with curry powder to help out with adding flavor and not as much salt. I also use nutritional yeast to help with the “need for cheese” but not too much because sometimes I feel like it doesn’t add too much flavor. If you go to TJ’s, get their 21 seasoning and seriously, it goes great on everything you can cook! And if you’re trying to get away from the salty foods you can premake those kinds of bowls you’ve been having by making a big batch of rice (i do a brown and white mix) and roasted veggies on the weekend and presto, add spices, sauces, dressings and some fresh greens and you’re set!

  4. I love the Sunshine Burgers! And I use the coconut creamer on a daily basis. šŸ™‚

  5. Loving those tacos! something about sauteed peppers and onions can make anything better šŸ™‚

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