(Mostly) Vegan Vitamins & Supplements

I can’t say I’m going to be a vegan forever (likely not beyond these two weeks — not entirely, anyway… but more on that later), but I will say that the entire experience of trying out the vegan lifestyle has taught me a lot about my body and about what I put into it.

I know that being vegan means potentially putting your body in danger of a few vitamin deficiencies (if you’re not smart about it), so I really started focusing on getting my vitamins in through pills along with my food.  I bought a couple of new vitamins and supplements to work with my new vegan lifestyle, but I also am taking others that I simply think are good for me, in general. This does, however, mean I’m taking a TON of vitamins right now.

Check it out — this is a day’s worth!


I’ll break it down for you.

Disclaimer: All information I’m getting is from Wikipedia. I am claiming absolutely zero expertise. I looked this stuff up for this post on a website (still Wikipedia) that’s known for inaccuracies. I simply want to share what I found and I highly suggest that you do your own research and talk to a doctor about what vitamins and supplements you choose to take.


Vitamin B12 is particularly recommended for vegans. It aids in brain and nervous system function, along with blood formation.


I’ve been taking Vitamin D3 for awhile, but it’s also particularly recommended for vegans.

As the bottle says, it supports bone health and a healthy immune system. Apparently, some research has also suggested that it may fight cancer.


I think Iron is something I should probably always have been taking, but I wasn’t. That’s one of the many good things that have come out of my vegan experiment.

Iron is another supplement particularly recommended for vegans, since meat is a main source of Iron. However, since I pretty much never eat meat anyway, I should have been taking this for a while. In fact, I know that I tend to be somewhat deficient in Iron, which can lead to Anemia.


Disclaimer: these are not vegan. I feel really absolutely fine about taking them, anyway. Sorry if that disappoints anyone, but they’re good for me, I’m not strict, and heck, they were expensive.

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons that science has suggested that Omega-3 pills are good for you. This includes lowering blood pressure, potentially having anti-cancer properties, aiding in immune function, and being anti-inflammatory.


I assume pretty much everyone knows that Calcium helps bone health and strength, right? I feel like that’s been hammered into my head since childhood, when my mom made me drink a glass of milk with every dinner. As a result, I hated milk. I’m pretty sure that’s why I never drink it today and bought almond milk and ordered soy lattes long before I ever thought about being a vegan. I still, however, got lots of Calcium in through my nearly-daily yogurt bowls and a whole lot of cheese.

Anyway, since I stopped having much Calcium in my diet (having eliminated dairy, at least temporarily), I decided Calcium supplements would be a good idea.


I’ve been taking these multi-vitamins forever. I just figure it’s good to get a little of everything in, right?


Cinnamon is kind of a unique thing to take in pill form, but Cinnamon is crazy good for you! It has antioxidant properties and, as the bottle says, it promotes sugar metabolism (a really good idea for me) and heart & circulatory health.

And, I’ll be honest: I started taking it because my mom and dad told me to. I’m such a good, obedient child.


I also take Glucosamine for my joints, since clearly my knees need it.


Ditto for the Magnesium Citrate.

What vitamins and supplements do you take? What other vitamins and supplements do you think are good to take, especially for vegans and vegetarians?



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4 responses to “(Mostly) Vegan Vitamins & Supplements

  1. Hah…oh boy, someone should seriously knock me a new one because I have not taken any sort of vitamin since…I became vegetarian in 2003?! I know, bad me…I take calcium if I remember to, but that’s about it. Tsk tsk…

  2. Jennifer

    An interesting thing that I learned about iron supplements recently (having tested low iron, though not anemic) is that vitamin C helps your body absorb iron better. There are prescription versions of the supplement that have the vitamin C in them or my doctor suggested just taking the iron supplement with a vitamin C pill or a glass of orange juice. He also said to always take them on an empty stomach (if possible) because food can limit the amount of iron that is absorbed into the body.

    And this is more information than you would ever need or want to know from another total non-expert! 🙂

  3. When I remember, I take a multi-vitatmin, calcium and cinnamon.

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