Progress and the Reverse

So. I know I’ve been talking a lot about my Vegan Experiment lately, but yes, I did get surgery just three weeks ago. I haven’t forgotten! It simltaneously feels like forever ago and like it was just yesterday. Funny how that happens.

Let’s see…  how am I doing? Well, mostly, I’m doing pretty well. I’m totally off crutches and painkillers (crutches since Halloween and painkillers since two days before that) and as of two days ago, I was NEARLY walking normally.

I say “nearly” because every time I sit down, my knee stiffens and then I have to work the stiffness out again. I’ve noticed at work that I seem to be doing better with the jobs that keep me somewhat on my feet and walking than with the ones that have me constantly sitting down and getting up. At least when I’m standing, I don’t have to work out the stiffness over and over again. My feet get tired, but that’s just because they’re not really used to working so much. I’m just lucky that everyone I work with has been really great about making sure I’m not over-working myself. The other day, my boss found a chair and left it for me (even raised to the right level!) where she knew I’d need it. It was very sweet.

Anyway, I’ve been doing well enough that, at PT the other day, we had two big new goals in mind:

Goal #1: Walking without any limp at all, since we came to the conclusion that I mostly was limping at that point for psychological reasons. So, Leigh (my PT) taped up my knee for the purpose of support.


This taping didn’t really work for me, though. Within hours, it looked like this:


So I just took that piece off. However, I think I prefer no tape to tape for support.

Goal #2: Stairs. As in, walking up them one leg at a time rather than only using my right leg and pulling the left leg up afterward, which is what I’ve been doing.


I’ll be honest. I still find stairs somewhat daunting.

Anyway, I’ve also had a few missteps. Or, really, I had one big misstep, yesterday. This step:


Freaking curbs.

I should really watch out when I’m walking. Because I’ve started to feel better, I’ve stopped paying as much attention. I paid the price yesterday when I tripped up the curb and then landed really hard on my left foot – AKA the one connected with the knee that was operated on.

It was not a nice feeling. It was actually a really crappy feeling. It’s also been inflamed ever since. I’m not happy about it.

However, I have since talked to my doctor’s assistant and seen my PT, and all-around, the general opinion is that I didn’t do anything damaging, but simply inflamed an already very sensitive area.

Anyway, thankfully, during PT this morning, we just went about things the way we normally do; we just also had to deal with some swelling from my little mini-accident yesterday.

PT so far has mostly consisted of massaging out swelling, doing ultrasounds for swelling, Leigh putting me in lots of pain by massaging the knee and pushing the kneecap around (I swear, sometimes I think she does it for fun), Leigh watching my gait before and after these things, and exercise.

When I say exercise, I mainly mean biking:





And Pilates Reformer exercises:


I know that machine looks like it’s smiling, but that’s only because it’s almost as sadistic as Leigh is. 🙂

Anyway, at the end of today’s appointment, I was taped for swelling instead, instead of support.

I also had an meeting this morning and had brought professional clothes to PT to change into after. I hadn’t really planned on being taped (whoops!) so I’d brought sheer pantyhose and a skirt. Sooooo I looked like this:


Oh well. I worked it. 😉

Anyway, it’s all been a matter of progress and a few missteps. They happen, I suppose, but I don’t want another one; I don’t want to deal with anything else that gets in the way of healing as quickly as possible!


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  1. FOund your blog on alltop….just offerring a bit of encouragement! Looks like you are making great progress!!!!

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