A Tease and an Apology

Today is crazy and I therefore have zero time to blog other than to type this on my phone while Mark drives us to the eightieth thing I have to do today.

Sorry. 😦

But I will say this: I am bringing these cookies — vegan chocolate chip cookies with a variety of versions —


— with me, and I absolutely promise to share the recipe(s?) with you tomorrow.



Meanwhile, share your favorite cookie recipe with me so I have fun emails to come home to tonight!



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5 responses to “A Tease and an Apology

  1. Lauren

    Those Red Velvet cookies you made that one time…

    Oh wait, did you mean MY OWN recipe?

  2. Bruce

    Don’t have a recipe to share, but I made your oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and candy corn. Ashamed to say how many I ate. Good stuff!

  3. Catherine

    Wait, they were vegan?? For real? KW, I’m super impressed.

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