Thanksgiving Recipe: Maple Acorn Squash

So, for Friendsgiving, AKA Thanksgiving #1 of 2011, I made two things. One of them was a batch of Praline Spice Cookies, which I will post tomorrow.

The other was Maple Acorn Squash, which is a recipe that comes from my mom and my childhood.

As I’m sure you know, anything that tastes like your childhood tastes like comfort and memories — unless your mom was a bad cook, in which case, I’m sorry… but I can’t relate. My mom is an amazing cook.

I like to think I get that from her.

Anyway, this recipe, in theory, is incredible easy. In fact, it has very few ingredients and very few steps. The only thing I will say as a point against it is that some of the steps are fairly labor-intensive.

Those labor intensive steps are the ones in which you A) wear your arm out while trying to saw the damn squash in half and B) wear your arm out while scooping the hot squash out.

I want you to know how terribly difficult it was to not make a TWSS joke there. I’m still trying.


Let’s get to the recipe, shall we?

Maple Acorn Squash

makes enough for side dish servings for 10-15 people


  • 4 acorn squash
  • nonstick spray such as Olive Oil spray or Coconut Oil Spray
  • 2 tbs butter
  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup Pecan Pralines


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Cut each of the squash in half, Or, if you’re like me, have your roommate (or boyfriend, or man-friend, or, you know, brother) do it.

Spray a baking sheet with nonstick spray.

Scoop the seeds out of each acorn squash half.

Place acorn squash halves flesh side-down on baking sheets. Spray halves (skin-side) with nonstick spray.

Bake squash halves for one hour.

Take squash out of oven and scoop flesh out into a large bowl.

Add maple syrup and butter, then add salt to taste (start with a sprinkle and add until you feel satisfied).

Using an electric mixer, mix until thoroughly combined.

Sprinkle pecan pralines on top, arrange in a circle, mix in, or cover the top. (I kind of did all of the above. No big deal.)

That’s it! Enjoy. This is actually a really lovely and inexpensive dish to make for Thanksgiving!


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5 responses to “Thanksgiving Recipe: Maple Acorn Squash

  1. One addition to the recipe: after mixing in the butter and maple syrup with the squash, you will want to reheat everything in the oven in a casserole dish for about 20 minutes if you’re serving it immediately after making it – longer if you’ve made it ahead of time. This is a great make-ahead dish – you can easily make this the day before, cover with Saran Wrap, place in fridge, then remove it form the fridge and allow it to warm to room temp the day you’re serving it, then heat it in a 375 degree oven till warm. I would add the pecans after the squash casserole is heated / reheated in the oven. Nuts burn very easily. This dish is a nice compliment to turkey or ham – although, if you’re having sweet potatoes, it might be too much “sweet” and “red,” if you get my drift. Happy Thanksgiving to all Kaitlin’s loyal friends and readers.

    Kaitlin’s mom.

  2. actorsdiet


    and squash.

  3. Holy hell, this looks amazing! I’m the only squash lover in my family but I still want to make this for tomorrow. It’s a good thing I work across the street from Trader Joe’s because I NEED those pecans!

  4. Amy

    I am bringing this to the Bennett thanksgiving! I am going to replace the butter with Earth Balance and bring as a Vegan side dish! I’m excited to try this out – sounds so yummy!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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