Christmas Eve

In my family, Christmas Eve is as much as a holiday as Christmas itself is.

It’s also arguably one of my busiest days of the year. Case in point: I made an effort, that morning, to capture photos of all of our Christmas decorations. It looks like this is the only one I got.



Thank goodness for coffee, right?


My last Christmas cup of the year! I love these cups. I got my regular holiday drink — a grande soy latte with one pump of peppermint. I’ll miss those.

So, why did I need all of that caffeine? My family had lots and lots of last-minute Christmas shopping to do. 🙂


This year, we actually finished early because we’d gotten a lot of shopping done the day before — something new for us!

Good thing, because it let us start our cocktail drinking early. 😉

This year, our drink of choice was orange vodka with fresh-squeeze orange juice and orange slices.


Heavenly. 🙂

And they allowed for lots of family affection.

I mean, that’s what alcohol is the holidays are for, right?20111225-093045.jpg

We spent our evening with my Dad’s side of the family for dinner, for which my mom made her traditional and amazing lasagna. This was my first year as a vegetarian, which means it was my first year having just the vegetable lasagna. I felt in no way, shape or form deprived. 🙂

After my dad’s family left, we started a new tradition: decorating the tree on Christmas Eve! This is something we usually have done weeks ahead of time, but now that we’re all around the world, my mom waited for us to do it.

That way, we each get to hang “our” ornaments. This is one of mine:


And then, it was bedtime! The stockings were hung with care…


… and from there, it was time to simply anticipate Christmas. 🙂

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One response to “Christmas Eve

  1. Mark

    the tree on your stocking looks like it’s rocketing to the moon and the jet stream is all presents. Shirley Temple would LOVE it!

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