2011 Reflections

Before I make my resolutions for 2012, I want to take a look back at 2011. That’s healthy, right? We’ll make it like a report card.

1. Career.

I don’t mention my job(s)  much on the blog (it’s just not smart), but this past year has been absolutely crazy, job-wise. I think I’ve given the gist of it, but let’s do a recap, shall we? Let’s see…

a)I left a job that made me miserable

b) I went to a temporary job that made me happy but was only ever going to last a month.

c) I then got a job that was supposed to be temporary but ended up becoming permanent and making me really happy…

and then I d) landed my dream job and had to quit said happiness-creating job. It was okay, though, because the new job made (makes!) me happy, too! It is my dream job, after all. 😉

e) Within that dream job, I just recently landed my dream (three-month-long) position. WOOHOO!

A little confusing, I know — but, overall, I think it’s safe to say that 2011 was a long process toward the exact path I want to be on my career.

Grade: A- (the – is only because I had to leave one job I loved for the other job.)

2. Health

Well, I think we all know that 2011 was a little rough on me, health-wise. The big thing: After months and months of physical therapy, I still never got better and eventually realized I needed to get knee surgery. So, as you all know, I finally got knee surgery in October and have been healing since.

Before the surgery, though, there was a lot of suffering. I stopped being able to run. I stopped being able to do high-impact exercise. I had to give up on P90X before I even started. I left a kick-boxing class in tears. I started feeling like a gerbil with no real goal on the elliptical. I lost sight of my ideals.

And to worsen everything, I ate some stupid stuff and drank more than I should have, and I’m pretty sure this has all been in reaction to not being able to work out. I gained more weight than I’m comfortable with. I know that a lot of this is because of my knee, but some of it isn’t.

I might as well keep it real on here, right? Otherwise, why would you read my blog?

Grade: C (I am in good health and I still have pretty good habits — I’m just focusing on the bad ones.)

3. Friends and Family

I’ve made a ton of new friends and kept the old. I like to think I stay pretty well in touch with all of the friends and family from whom I live far away, but I could always do better. I think I need the most work in terms of keeping in touch with the friends that live close by!

Grade: A

4. Love

I’ve dated a bunch of duds. Or just guys that didn’t work out. I’m really very over dating in LA.

Grade: D

5. Blogging

With all of the job changes, I lost a little focus around here. I didn’t mean to — it just happened!

Grade: B-

Sheesh! That report card is all over the place! Still, I’m happy as the year closes. So I’ll give it…

Overall Grade: B

What are some of your reflections about 2011? What grades would you give these areas of your life? What areas would you add?



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4 responses to “2011 Reflections

  1. EHarmony lady, because then you can be picky about the people you pick instead of just diving in head first. No joke, I met only one guy in there and bam! I’ve been dating him over a year no questions asked! It’s the fact that you can find someone who has all the same things in common with you without a hitch!

    I know how hard recovering from your knee injury has been but with 2012 now here, I know you’re going to work hard to get back to running/kick boxing/spinning/etc. you did it all before, you can do it again!

  2. I’ve decided against resolutions this year. Instead I’ll be focussing on a project of looking back over past years..

    I wished a friend Happy New Year this morning.

    He said I was too early.

    ‘I’m sorry’ I replied, ‘I suffer from premature celebration.’


  3. Mark

    …you posted this at 4:49am? What in the WORLD were you doing up that late young lady?!

    but I love this idea! Here is my report card:

    Career: B- ; a lot of wonderfulness has happened but i’ve gotten sidetracked. time to get back on track!

    Health: A- ; all in all I’m doing pretty well here but damn it I drink like a fish!!!

    (I’m breaking this next one up into 2)

    Friends: A- ; I have the most wonderful friends in the world but I’m not the best at keeping in touch with everyone. time to remedy that!

    Family: A+ ; I got you babe!! And the rest of my family is pretty great too!

    Love: I think before this past month or so I would have given myself an incomplete for this class but I am crossing my fingers that I’ll deserve an A by next year.

    Blogging: ….definitely and incomplete on this one

    Overall: A! 2011 was pretty damn good to me and a large part of that was thanks to you! I love you, Kaitlin! Here’s to a wonderful 2012 for the greatest pair roommates in the world! Hopefully you and I will have decent years as well. HA, I’m hilarious!

  4. What a cute way to reflect on the year!

    But I think you left a category out – perspective, which you earned an A+ in. You always know how to round the day to day frustrations into bigger, positive pictures. It really is a wonderful quality! And it helps those around you.

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