New York For A Day

While I was home I was lucky enough to head into New York City for a day.

I actually hadn’t been planning on going. Sometimes going into the city feels like more of a hassle than it’s worth. However, between an opportunity to meet someone on the other coast for work, the chance to see the tree at Rockefeller Center (which is something I’m pretty sure I have done every year of my life?), and the offer to get together with one of my best friends, I just couldn’t turn New York down.

So, I hopped on a train and was on my merry way.

As soon as I arrived in Grand Central, I was so happy I was there. I looked around and sighed happily and thought, “home.”

I started walking toward my destination (Rockefeller Center) and started just taking pictures of the city because I was so happy to be there and so excited to share it with you guys.

When I got to Rockefeller Center, I remained picture-happy.

I think this is in part of Home Alone 2?

Either way, it says Christmas to me.

But not as much as this does:

Oh, and just in case any of you are wondering, that big building behind the tree is 30 Rock itself. This one:

Isn’t it majestic? This is at the front of it, when you walk in:

I love that. And I love that building.

…Which is why I took this dorky picture:

This is the gorgeous view from that exact location:

Isn’t New York beautiful?

After a while, I decided to explore the area a bit more while I killed some time.

Thankfully, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is right around the corner.

One of my favorite things that I used to do as a child, when I went into the city, was to light the candles at this cathedral and say prayers or make wishes for people in my life.

So, I did. I made a lot of wishes. I’m not a religious person, but this tradition still speaks to me.

I wished for luck in the new year for all of my readers, by the way.

(And a lot of other things, like health and happiness for my family and friends, etc.)

I then went to my meeting and had a bit of time to kill before meeting my friend Sarah for a (late!) lunch, so I kept myself busy by taking more pictures of the city during the holidays.

Sarah and I had a wonderful time grabbing lunch and walking around the city together.

And then, sadly, it was already time to go home.

I miss New York already!



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2 responses to “New York For A Day

  1. Some of those photos look like postcards! I especially like the second one (the B&W subway car). Awesome! I love sporadic day trips into big cities. =)

  2. All of these photos are so gorgeous! Love them!

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