Snapshots of Home

There are a lot of pictures that I took on my phone while at home and, since they don’t really fit into any specific kinds of posts, I’ve just decided to have a “snapshots of home” post.

Don’t worry. They’re fun pictures. It really gives a sense of what it was like at home.

This one was actually taken by my sister. This is the view of Thatcher with which anyone in my family is most familiar.

I miss that mug.

New England in a picture:

Fire in the fireplace:

Reading a book in the most comfortable chaise ever by said fire in the fireplace.

Dogs to keep me company:

One of my favorite pictures from the entire trip:

See that? Sawyer is smiling at me as I read a book written in the perspective of a yellow lab.


Dad looking on:

That wasn’t the only place or time in which I read, though. I also read on my favorite couch quite a bit. And I got through three books! Such a good way to spend a vacation.

On another night, I went out for drinks with one of my best friends in the world, Whitney.

Can you tell how huge the drinks are?

Pretty much the size of our heads. Oh, and please ignore my boobs.

Some days were spent shopping. I had the shopping spree at TJ Maxx.

Both necessary and cathartic.

I also fit in a lot of favorites from home while at home, like my favorite tuna salad with cranberries and apples from a place called Garelick & Herb.

So good.

Another favorite?

Zumbachs! In a Toasted Almond flavor! Heaven.

Also heaven: my mom’s homemade pancakes.

I know it’s just Bisquick, but why does it taste so much better when Mom makes it?

I also made up a meal of totally separate leftovers, for which a friend and reader, Maiah, requested a recipe.

I am now determined to create a recipe out of this concoction. Expect it sometime soon!

One of my favorite nights at home was again spent with Whitney. On this night, I went over to her house and helped her family make dinner, then got to enjoy it with them.

Just looking at those pictures makes me smile.

Speaking of pictures that make me smile…

My brother, the best gift-giver ever, gave me Pumking for Christmas. Naturally, I needed to try it with him.

Best. Beer. Ever. Just the smell was worth every penny.

Naturally, the occasion was so momentous for me that I had to take pictures of us with the beer, too.

And my dad wanted in as well.

My dad’s on tiptoes. 🙂 Daniel is very tall.

On my last full day at home, my siblings, dad and I all took our dogs for a walk in a local park by a lake.

I will always remember that day!

On my last night, we went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Viva Zapatas. I got my favorite meal and my favorite margarita. 🙂 Afterward, my dad captured this very cute moment of my siblings and me at the top of the stairs.

Sadly, the next day, it was time for me to go back to California.

Before I left, though — right before I left! — my mom and I made blondies “for my little brother because it was his first day at his new job.”

Please. They were totally for us.

As soon as they came out of the oven, though, it was time for me to go.

So, I headed to the airport…

… and then I was back in sunny LA before I knew it.

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2 responses to “Snapshots of Home

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  2. Such awesome photos! I seriously love how close your family is.

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