New Structure for KWH

Remember how one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to figure out a better and more consistent format of blogging?

Well, good news. I think I’ve figured out how to do it.

Here’s my tentative structure:

Mondays: Posts about my life/ Snapshots from my phone

Tuesdays: Recipes/ Exercise/ Healthy Living Posts**

Wednesdays: What I Ate Wednesday, which is something I’ve seen on other blogs. I’m also definitely going to be including workouts.

Thursdays: Recipes/ Exercise/ Healthy Living Posts**

Fridays: Friday Fun mixed in with other thematic posts

**When I say “recipes,” I don’t necessarily mean my own (more on that later). And by “exercise posts,” I mean I might post about my workouts, And by “healthy living posts,” I mean I might be posting about new healthy practices that have worked out for me or that I’m trying.  I am definitely planning on posting at least one new recipe per week.

What do you think? I think this has elements of KWH throughout the year and a half I’ve been doing it – from when I was one of the bloggers who needed to post every morsel of food that went into my mouth, to my recipe blogging side, to my workout-loving side, to my lifestyle posting side, to the side of the me that sometimes posts about funny videos or that new beer that Hanson is making.

Basically, this allows me to show all sides of KWH while providing a little structure.

So, if you’re on board, I’m on board. And I think we all know I tend to break my own rules when it suits me, so I’m sure I won’t always stick to this. But I’m intrigued to see how this new format suits both me and you guys.

So, next Wednesday, you’ll be seeing the first WIAW!

Let me know what you think? Are there any other thematic posts you’d like to see?

P.S. — Don’t forget to enter the Chobani Giveaway!



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2 responses to “New Structure for KWH

  1. Bruce

    Sounds good K. Look forward to the Tues & Thur recipes.

  2. Jennifer

    Looks great, Kaitlin!

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