Chobani Winner and Friday Fun: An Adele Medley

First Friday Fun! Yay!

Is anyone else obsessed with Adele lately? I know I am totally late to the party, but after months of lamenting her being so overplayed on the radio, I suddenly find myself craving hearing her songs.

So, I have not only found her versions of her songs on the internet, but covers, as well. Check this medley out. I think it’s so good!

Isn’t that great? People are so talented! Soooo much more talented than I am.

Speaking of good things… Chobani! The Chobani Giveaway winner is:

And by the way, that is a great tip! I am definitely going to try that — I had definitely never thought of it before.

Congratulations, Pam!  I’ll email you the details.

Happy weekends, friends? Who else has a three-day weekend?



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3 responses to “Chobani Winner and Friday Fun: An Adele Medley

  1. WOW. that medley was sooooooo good! i wish i could get it for my ipod!

  2. Congrats on the winner! Bummer I didn’t find your blog soon enough to enter. 3 day weekend here! SO EXCITED! I recently came across your blog and I can’t wait to follow along 🙂

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