(New)(ish) Healthy Living Rules for 2012

So. I gained some weight over the holidays. I think a lot of us did, but I took it really personally. Like, I got mad at my body and mad at myself.

The weight I gained was largely gained in the month of December. And, my friends, it wasn’t pretty. As I rang in the new year, I felt really weird about how I looked and felt.

Sometimes, though, hitting a point like that can be a good thing. It’s a good way to reflect on your habits. And, with some awesome New Year’s Resolutions in place, which I have fully kept up with since I started on January 3rd, I’ve already lost all of the weight I gained in December.

Thank the lord.

You see, I allowed myself two full days of moping. When I realized that my pants were more than a little snug and that the chubby cheeks I kept seeing in the mirror were not a fluke or a result of flawed mirrors but, in fact, how I was looking, I started feeling kind of sorry for myself and then a little angry at myself. But then, I realized that I’m human, it was the holidays, I hadn’t been able to work out, and moping was going to get me absolutely nowhere.

You know what does get me somewhere? Eating healthy. Treating my body right. Exercising (when I can). I know. Revolutionary blogging right here, folks.

I’ve decided to write out my new (but not really — just re-established, other than a few new ones) healthy living rules. I thought I’d write them out here for you and in case I ever need a reminder.

My (New)(ish) Healthy Living Rules for 2012:

  • Try to stick with clean foods
  • Eat lots of fruit and lots of vegetables
  • Avoid preservatives and chemicals when possible
  • Avoid fake foods when possible (no more Splenda!)
  • Avoid processed foods with words I don’t understand
  • Eat organic when possible
  • Continue to be a Vegetarian (for as long as it makes sense, anyway)
  • Eat lots of beans, eggs, fish and protein powder to keep up my protein sources
  • Avoid soy at see how my body responds to it for a while (this has been new for me!) 
  • Desserts are a treat for once in a while, not for every night

As for fitness, I need to be a little more flexible, considering my circumstances. That being said…

 My Fitness Goals for 2012:

  • Do my PT exercises at home every day!
  • For as long as I’m running around at work for 11+ hours a day, I don’t need to worry about cardio. But on the days I’m not doing that, the bike has been a really great cardio exercise for my knee.
  • Regularly do strength training for my arms and abs
  • Start doing yoga with Mark on a regular basis.
  • When I can afford it, take Pilates. The classes I’ve taken so far have been so wonderful, but it is really expensive!
  • When I can, I’m going to go back to the gym with the same consistency I used to (which sounds like HEAVEN right now!!!). Realistically, I’m thinking this will be in March or April.
  • Once I’m back in shape, I’m going to start P90X as long as I’m allowed to. This will likely be a summertime endeavor.

Dare I say that this year might be my fittest year yet? I’m getting my body back, damnit. Maybe even better than before.

What are your healthy living rules?



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5 responses to “(New)(ish) Healthy Living Rules for 2012

  1. Claire

    I totally relate to this post right now. I definitely put on a little weight over the holidays, and by “the holidays” I mean going back to labor day…
    Annnyhoo, I was also feeling very down and angry, but I finally got back on track a couple weeks ago and have also lost all the weight I gained since September! Now I’m just trying to get back down to pre-wedding/honeymoon weight before going to Florida mid-Feb. Just vanity, but I need a goal with an end date or I totally fall off the wagon.
    Keep on movin’!

  2. Claire

    That sounds great to me!
    I’m in the midst of a fruit and veggie love affair myself.
    Goooooo Kaitlin!

  3. Mark

    I’m trying to figure out which Claires these comments were posted by. It’s trickier than you’d think. You, me, yoga! Let’s start this week!

  4. I totally relate. I’ve spent the past few years feeling awful about my weight, especially around the holidays. It’s sad, because when I see pictures, it makes me even more self-conscious and all I can remember from the day is how uncomfortable I felt.

    I think these are great rules- good luck! You can do it.

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