Friday Fun: Songs I’m Obsessed With Right Now

Seriously, just ask my neighbors (who probably hate me right now). I am completely obsessed with these songs. I cannot stop listening to them.

Song #1: Wild Ones by Flo Rida, featuring Sia

I love Sia so much. I love pop music that makes me dance. This song is perfection.

Song #2: Domino by Jessie J

I dance every time this comes on.

Yes, even at the gym. I’d probably be embarrassed if I wasn’t so busy having a good time.

Song #3: I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

Bringing it down a bit with this one. It’s so beautiful. My friend Whitney sent me this. She knows me so well! She and I used to sing along to Jason Mraz in the car back when we were in high school, which feels… REALLY far away. Eesh.

And finally…

Song #4: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars

I didn’t like this song at first, when Mark told me to listen to it. However, I now think it’s one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs, ever.

I cannot wait for The Hunger Games movie to come out! Can. Not. WAIT!

What songs are you obsessed with right now?



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3 responses to “Friday Fun: Songs I’m Obsessed With Right Now

  1. whitney

    Literally obsessed with all the same songs! We so think alike! Long live our love for Jason Mraz =)

  2. I have been obsessed with that jason mraz song too! I got it a few weeks ago! Listen to the new Christina Perri song, A Thousand Years. Talk about a great song!

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