WIAW(T) January 31

Rabbit, rabbit!

Can you believe it’s February already? Though, while I feel like January flew by, I also simultaneously feel like New Year’s Eve was forever ago.

I started my day off at 6am yesterday with exercise in the form of a (lame) Pilates video on Netflix streaming.


I didn’t know it was lame til I was already in it, and by then it was too late. It might not be that lame for people who can actually adjust to the harder levels (there’s three to choose from: easy, intermediate and advanced), but I had to adjust each exercise (sometimes being forced to choose easy, sometimes being forced to choose advanced) around my knee rather than my strength or ability.

Anyway, I later had breakfast at work. It was my new favorite breakfast (seen on the last WIAW), plus some glazed walnuts that somebody had donated to the kitchen.


So, into the mix went:

  • 1 vanilla Activia yogurt
  • 1 medium banana, halved/sliced
  • ~1/3 cup raw oats
  • ~1/8 cup (if that) glazed walnuts (from TJ’s — really yummy!)

All mixed up and ready to party work:


I had breakfast #2 (or… morning snack) in the form of a healthy, vegan, whole wheat blueberry muffin that one of my co-workers had baked and brought to the office.

I mean, with a description like that, did you really expect me to turn it down?

No. The answer there should just be a solid no.

Lunch was the second half of the Grilled Atlantic Salmon Salad I’d ordered from Aroma Cafe (my favorite!) the day before, plus a piece of buttered (well, Smart Balanced) whole wheat toast.


Note to self: salmon salads are better day of.

Lunch dessert: a mug-full of melon salad.


My afternoon snack was unexpected but lovely. I’d brought carrots and hummus with me, but an office meeting (of which I was not a part) had leftovers from their Artisan Cheese Gallery platter.

So… I couldn’t help myself and made a little tasting plate.


For the record, Artisan Cheese Gallery has some of the best cheese I’ve ever tasted. Somehow, even their roasted almonds are some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

On that little (“little”) plate, I had a few (small) slices of baguette, three different kinds of cheese (one gouda, one brie, and one I’m not sure of but was delicious… I think it might have been a goat cheese?), some roasted & salted almonds, some dried cranberries, some dried cherries, and one piece of dried kiwi.

It was divine. Divine, I tell you.

… Also really filling. Whoops.

Worth it.

However, I definitely wouldn’t have had that slice of toast with lunch if I’d known what was to come.

Anyway, by the time dinner rolled around, I wasn’t really that hungry (I wonder why?). I did, however, know that I wanted to make something so I’d have leftovers for lunch today and tomorrow. I’m trying to cut back on the amount of frozen prepared meals I eat, so making big meals at home with leftovers seems to be a good idea.

So, my dinner was a small serving of this big meal, which was eggs + TJ’s frozen garlic potatoes + TJ’s frozen broccoli & cauliflower in a parmesan sauce + a little extra parmesan/ romano for fun.

I also completely forgot to take a picture last night (shows how focused I was  on that dinner…), so I just took a picture of my tupperware-d lunch for today, since it was the same thing (just… more of it).


I know — I thought it would be totally weird to reheat leftover eggs, too (if that’s what you’re thinking, which I assume you are) — but it actually works really well!

I also may or may not have had a handful of peanut butter chips as a dessert… which I shouldn’t have done.

Yesterday wasn’t my best day of healthy eating, but I figure it’s good to show both the good and the bad, right?

Oh, well. Today is a new day. 🙂

What are you eating on this fine first day of February?



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4 responses to “WIAW(T) January 31

  1. Claire

    Seems like a pretty healthy day to me. Seriously. What is the story with the title. Why don’t I get it?

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