Friday Fun: SMASH

I can’t tell you how excited I am for SMASH, which premieres on NBC on Monday.

In fact, I haven’t been this excited for a show since Glee, which failed me so much that I refuse to watch even moments of it now.

Thankfully, I have no fear that SMASH will fail me. In fact, I’m pretty sure this show has the makings of a huge hit, both in terms of popularity and in terms of quality — no easy feat.

Here’s the extended trailer:

I mean, wow, right?

So, now that you’ve watched that,  you OBVIOUSLY need to check it out on NBC at 10PM this Monday, February 6!

And no, NBC did not pay me to do that. I’m just really excited for the show. 🙂



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4 responses to “Friday Fun: SMASH

  1. Claire D

    I really really want to like Smash, but it just seems contrived and cheesy to me… and I’m not really sure what Anjelica Houston is doing there. I hope it beats my expectations.

  2. Claire C

    Oh man. I have watched the full episode one preview on hulu maybe five times? Needless to say I like it a lot. It makes me wish I could sing.

    That being said, I’m a sucker for musicals and was a theater kid for many years, so maybe this speaks to me more than the average bear? I think this has the potential to be such a great show. I really hope that it lives up to an amazing pilot episode.

  3. lara

    I already watched the pilot on Itunes (it was free!), and it truly is amazing. But, then again, so was Glee’s pilot haha. Still, the original songs are genius, acting is top-notch, and it just has a lot of heart to it. I wish the songs weren’t so heavily auto-tuned at times and I don’t buy that Karen would be serious competition for Ivy, but I am still ridiculously excited for it. I have listened to each song about 346 times each.

  4. I’m so glad you are excited for Smash! My brother knows one of the choreographers who may be acting in it as well, so I hope it exceeds expectations! I’m looking forward to the pilot!

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