Super Bowl Sunday

I’m not going to to lie to you… this weekend was a MAJOR blogger fail.

You see, I had every intention of having my Monday “Snapshots” post be all about the Superbowl and the so-themed party I was going to attend on Sunday. Therefore, I cut myself lots of slack throughout the rest of my (crazy busy) weekend, which included many fun things.

I won’t bother you with the details. I have no pictures, so I wouldn’t want to be a tease. 🙂

Anyway, the Superbowl party came and went and I honestly was just too distracted with people, food, the commercials, and everything else (note that I didn’t say “the game”) to take pictures.

If I’m being really honest, I just sort of straight up forgot.

I did capture one beautiful picture of the game.


I know. Award-worthy. Riveting. Heart-stopping. Shall I go on?

I also captured a shot of the host, Daniel, with the “world’s biggest pizza.”

He was very excited about it. He hyped it up at least a few times. I definitely went into the party ready for pizza.

This humongous pizza was about four regular pizza’s worth, and was quartered into cheese, pepperoni, Mexican and vegetable. The vegetable corner would have been my top choice, but it was covered in crushed garlic. Not my thing. So, cheese it was.

The party was lots of fun and I’m sorry I didn’t capture more of it on my camera (okay, phone). That being said, I’m sure most of you have roughly 20 Super Bowl party recaps lined up in your readers, so… I can’t imagine you mind that much, right?

Let’s call this refreshingly brief… or something.


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2 responses to “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Whoa. That is a crazy large pizza.

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