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Wood & Vine

Alright, what do you say I quit the pouting? I woke up this morning to an email from my grandmother saying that I was depressing her, so I think it’s time that I snap out of it.

I mean, nobody likes someone who depresses sweet grandmas.

Anyway! Last night, I got together with a few friends from film school for dinner (well, “dinner” and drinks) at Wood & Vine in Hollywood.

We sat out on the patio, which was tres swanky.

Its the kind of fancy-schmancy place that has a new menu each day. See?

I have no idea what was up with my camera last night. You’ll see an even blurrier picture later.

I started off with a nice (but small, for $8!) glass of Pinot Noir.

The evening started with just me, Rod and Chan.

I was about to tell both of them, as I looked at the nice menu at this fancy place, that I would make fun of anyone who ordered a Miller Lite…

… when both of them ordered Miller Lites. 😉

You guys… I think I’ve become a beer snob!

I’m okay with it.

The reason for getting together, by the way, was to say bye to Chan, who is moving far, far away.

He was one of my favorite people at film school and I will miss him dearly.

Anyway, the way Wood & Vine works is that you can order “sharing plates” or cheese plates, but no entrees. Everything comes out as it’s ready, rather than all at once.

Chan broke the rules immediately and ordered a sharing plate just for him. 🙂

This was “hand-torn pasta.”

Then, the three of us ordered a cheese plate.

It comes with toasted baguette slices, honey and pickled vegetables, in addition to the three, six or nine cheeses you choose.

We got three: a soft french cheese with salt rind, a goat cheese, and a taleggio.

My favorite was the taleggio, followed by the goat cheese. I wasn’t a huge fan of the salt rind cheese, though Chan and Rod favored that one.

Soon after the cheese arrived, so did our friends Jenni, Brian and Brian (yes, two!).

Brian #1 immediately hijacked my camera and took pictures of himself and Brian #2. Here’s one.

When Brian #1 ordered a Summer Solstice and I stole a sip, I knew immediately that I’d need one of my own!

It was so good, guys. So, so good.

Not so good: the group picture we got on my automatic digital camera.

How does that even happen??

Anyway, it was a really fun night with lots of laughter. It was so good to catch up with these guys.

We’ll miss you, Chan!!!



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Ladyface, Take Two

This past Thursday,  I had the pleasure of returning to Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie. Some of the faces were the same and others were different – for Ladyface, anyway.

That one was the same.

Mark and I got there early, so we hit the bar and got the night started. Happy Easter weekend!

I was really sad that they didn’t have the Russian Lullaby anymore (my favorite!), but I decided to try the Ladyface Anniversary Ale. I can’t remember what Mark got. I did not care for the Anniversary Ale at all.

I still drank it.

Eventually, we were joined by our wonderful friends! Enter Amanda, Andy, Sarah and Chris. This group seem familiar? We are awesome.

I guess I didn’t catch a picture of Sarah? Sad.

We then went outside to our table, where we had a really pretty view.

At this point, I got the Worker’s Co-Hoperative. I liked it a lot more than I liked the Anniversary Ale. It was hoppy. You probably could have deduced that on your own.

I also got the Fish & Chips, which were just okay. I haven’t yet tried food at Ladyface that I’ve loved, but I think I need to start ordering whatever Andy orders. He’s pretty good at that stuff.

Sorry, I completely forgot to take a picture. Blame the beer. That, or my growling stomach.

I didn’t forget to take a picture of my last beer, though! Well, first, I got a taster. I totally thought it was free, and it wasn’t, but it wasn’t a big deal.

I still got the full glass, of course.

This was the Ladyface Red Rye, which was pretty good but totally paled in comparison to that amazing Red ale that I got at the Pop-Up Beer Garden.

Anyway, all of the beer was good, I just didn’t find a total winner. It happens. It didn’t even matter, because, as usual, it was all about the company.

It took a few tries, but we were all over the group shot.

We’re fun.

The funniest part of the night was when Chris and Mark wanted to share French-pressing duties.

Aww, friendship.


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Similar Yet Different

The week of cleaning out my fridge, etc. continues!

Between yesterday’s breakfast and today’s, I had two similar-yet-different yogurt bowls.

Wednesday & Thursday:

Let’s start with Wednesday.

Into the mix went:

  • 0% Strawberry Chobani
  • Vanilla Almond Puffins
  • blackberries
  • 1 apricot
  • blackberries
  • walnut pieces

And Thursday…

… it may look the same, but it so was not.

Into the mix went:

  • 0% Vanilla Chobani (So yummy! This was my first time trying it.)
  • Vanilla Almond Puffins
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • slivered almonds
  • carob chips (made the bowl!)


It was kind of like eating dessert for breakfast! Kind of.

Lunches, both yesterday and today, were exactly the same. Well, I haven’t even had my lunch yet today, but… it’s still exactly the same as yesterday’s: the left over Tempeh Curry.

Possibly even better as leftovers and with the rice.

Oh, and snack yesterday was a peanut butter chocolate chip granola barwhich I’d made the night before (with only ingredients I had at home!).

Recipe to come. 🙂

I didn’t get to enact the challenge for dinner last night because I was out for drinks – yes, drinks – with a friend. I ended up having beer for dinner. Pretty sure that’s failing both challenges. Whoops! But, on the bright side, I did get to check out a super cool bar. It’s called Beer Bar and it’s in Silverlake. It’s only three weeks old! They serve all craft beer and I liked everything I tried (they let you try samples of what’s on tap). Plus, the bartenders really know what they’re talking about. I highly recommend it, if you’re from the LA area. Just… be prepared for hipsters, and lots of them. 😉


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Celebrations Begin

Since my friend Amy won’t be able to make it to my official birthday celebrations, she and our friend Nicki treated me to a wonderful (early) birthday dinner last night. Let the celebrations begin! You only turn 25 once, after all.

We went out for dinner and drinks to a place I think I’ve written about before on here, Lucy’s 51 in Toluca Lake. This time, however, I was there with my camera and had a few minutes to kill (I showed up early) before the girls showed up.

I started off trying to capture the decor, which is pretty funky.

I love that the lighting behind the liquor bottles in the bar changes (neon) colors.

As much as I loved the lighting on the liquor, though, I wasn’t about to drink any of it. I just about never drink liquor. Wine, though? I’m all about wine. So, I cracked open the menu…

… and ordered myself a glass of Sauvingon Blanc with three minutes of Happy Hour to spare.

It was actually a really nice glass of wine and I wish I’d asked what kind it was.

Soon, Amy and Nicki arrived and we sat down for dinner. While I love a lot of things about this place, I can say pretty safely that the service from our waitress was not one of them. For starters (aside from her constant smirking… maybe she had a tic?), she gave me an outdated menu and when I ordered a portabello sandwich, she told me it wasn’t an option. When I showed it to her on the menu, she acted like I was the one who had made the mistake. Yea, okay.

Anyway, I ended up ordering a vegetable and goat cheese sandwich (sans onions).

Please excuse the ugly flash.

The vegetables were good, but the bread was totally greasy. I basically ate all of the vegetables and goat cheese out of the middle of the sandwich and made my plate a graveyard of bread. I also ate a handful of the fries but ended up leaving most of them. This was a move that surprised even me. I love french fries.

Good thing I saved room, though, because Amy brought me a cupcake! How cute is she?

I blew out the candle and made a very serious wish. I can’t tell you what it was, but I bet you can figure out what it was.

The cupcake, by the way, was a blue velvet cupcake from Aroma Coffee & Tea Company.

No, seriously, though, it was blue. Check it out with flash.

Isn’t that nuts? The cupcake was actually pretty light and reminded me quite a bit of corn muffins (which is a bonus for me, as I love corn muffins). I split half of it with the girls there and and shared the rest with Mark at home.

What a lovely evening! A big thank you to the girls for taking me out. 🙂


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