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Weekend Eats

I did a lot this weekend. I saw a lot of people. I did a lot of reading. I did a TON of cleaning.

For whatever reason, though, I only really took pictures of the food I ate. No big deal. This is half a food blog, anyway!

I took this picture because I thought it was funny.


All three are in my cabinet right know. Think maybe I’m on a Cheerios kick?


My Saturday morning breakfast combined two of them — Peanut Butter & Chocolate. Delish! Though I will say that the PB Cheerios are far, far superior to the chocolate ones.

I had an amazing lunch that day. I ordered this sandwich from a place called Olive & Thyme in Toluca Lake.


In case the picture doesn’t do it for you, here’s a description:

“Oil packed tuna with sliced egg, arugula tomato, tapenade & pesto mayonnaise on baguette.”

Granted, they also gave me red onion (which I had to pick off), but it was still a wild success. And it was huge. I couldn’t have finished it if I’d tried.

I went to dinner that night with my friend Shivani at a restaurant called Ciao Cristina, right across from the WB lot.

Even though I went there craving pizza, I found myself seriously craving vegetables while were there. So, I got this huge (and gorgeous)grilled vegetable plate.


Isn’t that amazing?

And, of course, I repurposed the leftovers into my favorite and versatile comfort food meal: upgraded mac ‘n cheese.


Duh. Like you expected anything else.

I also took my friend Lauren out for a celebratory/ thank you dinner last night. We had an Indian feast:


I got Sag Paneer and we split rice and potato-filled naan.

I left a very full and happy girl.

As you can see, I went out to eat quite a bit this weekend — and actually, that doesn’t even include my dinner out with my friend Tyler on Friday night or my coffee/ second breakfast out with my friend Becky on Saturday morning.

My wallet needs a break, but my tastebuds were thrilled. 🙂

Did you eat anything fun this weekend?


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So Hollywood Right Now

I spent the great majority of my weekend dealing with food poisoning.

It’s awful. I totally do not recommend it.

I’m sending a big thank you, however, to my friends Lauren and Gabriel, who had the unfortunate experience of having me as a house guest throughout the worst of it. I am a lucky girl to have such good friends.

So, anyway, I spent most of the weekend — again! — on my bed and on the couch. I have so had enough of my apartment for the past month. I miss my social life.

However, what this did do was afford me the ability to catch up on some “light reading.”


Those are all scripts for work. I know, right?

So Hollywood right now.

Speaking of Hollywood, I didn’t watch the Oscars. I was too busy watching my new favorite show, “Brothers & Sisters.” I’m a little behind the times. No big deal. I am such a sucker for TV family dramas.

Anyway, as for the Oscars… I may not have watched them (other than the one award I really cared about — I’ll get to that in a minute!), but I did look up the red carpet looks. Here are some of my favorites (all from Buzzfeed):

Kristen Wiig

Jessica Chastain

Natalie Portman

Kate Mara

Emma Stone

Berenice Bejo

Kelly Ripa

Her dress was actually my favorite!

But, onto my favorite element of the entire night:

Octavia Spencer won an Academy Award!

Now, for the big reveal: I was in a movie with Octavia Spencer a few years ago.

Yup, you heard (read) me right! I appeared in a movie with an Academy Award-winning actress.

So Hollywood right now.

Did you guys watch the Oscars? Did you enjoy them? Favorite moments?


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Super Bowl Sunday

I’m not going to to lie to you… this weekend was a MAJOR blogger fail.

You see, I had every intention of having my Monday “Snapshots” post be all about the Superbowl and the so-themed party I was going to attend on Sunday. Therefore, I cut myself lots of slack throughout the rest of my (crazy busy) weekend, which included many fun things.

I won’t bother you with the details. I have no pictures, so I wouldn’t want to be a tease. 🙂

Anyway, the Superbowl party came and went and I honestly was just too distracted with people, food, the commercials, and everything else (note that I didn’t say “the game”) to take pictures.

If I’m being really honest, I just sort of straight up forgot.

I did capture one beautiful picture of the game.


I know. Award-worthy. Riveting. Heart-stopping. Shall I go on?

I also captured a shot of the host, Daniel, with the “world’s biggest pizza.”

He was very excited about it. He hyped it up at least a few times. I definitely went into the party ready for pizza.

This humongous pizza was about four regular pizza’s worth, and was quartered into cheese, pepperoni, Mexican and vegetable. The vegetable corner would have been my top choice, but it was covered in crushed garlic. Not my thing. So, cheese it was.

The party was lots of fun and I’m sorry I didn’t capture more of it on my camera (okay, phone). That being said, I’m sure most of you have roughly 20 Super Bowl party recaps lined up in your readers, so… I can’t imagine you mind that much, right?

Let’s call this refreshingly brief… or something.


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Vegan Food Crawl

A few weeks ago, my lovely friend Lauren sent me a link to something called a Vegan Food Crawl, asking me if I wanted to go with her.

Yummy, probably healthy, vegetarian (vegan, even!) food, all along a long walk, alongside one of my best friends? Sign me up!


When we showed up, we were each given a bag with the Urban Food Crawl label on it.


I thought this was a cute touch, though it definitely made me think we’d be getting more nibbles-to-go than we did (since we didn’t get anything to-go unless we didn’t finish what we got at each location).

We got a menu in these bags, however, which let us know what we had to look forward to.


As the menu suggested, our first stop was Malo.

20120130-094203.jpgThere, we got Vegan Chipotle Soyrizo Tortas (and burritos, actually) with avocado, lettuce and tomato.



Once splitting was all said and done, this is what my plate of tastes looked like:


This location, being the first, was also the first where I got a real sense of what this food crawl would be like. We were all kind of sitting around at a table and rather than being treated like this was a professional food crawl. We were instead kind of like a big, distant family, especially given that we got plates to split with each other. We also waited about 20  minutes for our order to come, as it seems they didn’t put the order in until we got there.

Once we ate and the hosts paid, we moved on to the next location, which was across the street: Garage Pizza.


This place offered the same kind of deal, where we all sat at tables there and waited for our food, which we split up.

At Garage Pizza, we got the Vegan Calzone, which had Daiya cheese, mushrooms, vegan sausage and red onion. It’s actually supposed to come with bell peppers instead of mushrooms, but one of the hosts had a personal preference that led her to change the official order.


My piece:


At this point, only two stops in, I was already kind of full!

We took a break part-way through to stop at a spice station. It was a cool location, but definitely added to the very slow pace of the food crawl.

Next up: Berlin Currywurst


This was, by far, my favorite location. Not only was the food good (and plentiful), but this was the only stop that really seemed to “get” what we were there for. The staff of the restaurant told us about their food and why they brought it to Los Angeles from Germany, and also told us about how they came to offer vegan options.

One of these options involved these amazing french fries, which we dipped in curry ketchup.


So good.

The other was a surprise favorite of mine: vegan kielbasa (tasted real and I had no problem with that, even though I’m not a meat fan!). There were a variety of flavors, but to me, the clear winner was one that had both orange and curry flavors. It was to die for. It also came with German bread, which was a really nice touch.


The next stop was Naya, an India restaurant.


This place was kind of weird, since they definitely did not seem to get that we were on a food tour. They crowded us around low tables at a bar and asked for individual orders, which was odd.

Their food, however, was good! Two Samosas each — one spinach & tofu and one pea & potato.

The pea and potato Samosa was one of my favorite things we tasted all day.

Sadly, this is where the tour stopped for Lauren and me. While this mostly can be chalked up to a personal call I got that basically forced me to leave, I can also say that I wasn’t all that sorry to go. As much as I loved the food tour, I was a) completely full at this point and no longer wanted any more food and b) sort of over it. This was three hours in, we’d been to four stops, people were ordering drinks, and I just didn’t want to spend a fourth hour of my Sunday on a food crawl with strangers.

I think this food crawl could be awesome and I know it’s through a new company, so I’m hoping they’ll keep improving the tour. I seriously encourage any of you fellow LA-ites to check it out, but I’d also encourage them to change things. For instance: they should cut down the amount of food at each stop, the amount of time spent at each stop and the amount of time total. If the tour was something more expected by each location (say, “we’ll be here at 2:15PM, so please be ready with these dishes”), the food was already paid for, and there was a little more information about the food at each stop, it might feel more like an actual food crawl.

That being said, go check their website out if you’re in LA!


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Cookie Sunday

So, yesterday, I made — no joke — SEVEN BATCHES OF COOKIES.

I know.

Most batches were comprised of 16 cookies. Two batches were comprised of 17. That means I made 114 cookies (If my math is right… it’ll be so embarrassing if it’s wrong. Nope. Just double checked. I should be good.).

I made:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Cranberry – Almond
  • Chocolate Chip – Peanut
  • Chocolate Chip – Coconut
  • Cranberry – Coconut
  • Chocolate Chip – Walnut
  • Jelly Bean
  • Chocolate Chip – Almond – Coconut

It was a long day, but it was worth it. I was experimenting, essentially to teach myself more about the chemistry of baking (also, this was for a job and I was being paid for it and the ingredients were paid for, too). I’m sure my friends and co-workers will be grateful for this experiment.

The day looked a lot like this:

It’s almost comical to watch them pile up, isn’t it?

Thankfully, because I just kept making batch after batch, the dishes weren’t ridiculous. I just rinsed them between batches as I went along. This (plus the one cookie sheet) is all I had to wash at the end:

That’s not so bad, right?

I, however, was a little worse for the wear.

I’m not the neatest of bakers.

Also, please ignore that I hadn’t showered or changed out of my pajamas and that this picture was taken around 7pm. That’s cute, right?



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